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  1. yea so i have about 10 plants outdoor and they've been out for about a 3 weeks, but they havent started to bud is this normal? i live in quebec Canada. first time growing outdoor and i dont know if il even get anything off these plants cause the first frost is ussually around the second week of october. can i get an answer asap
  2. I am afraid its to late for outdoor there, to cold. But you never know.
  3. they're probably just too young to flower, and it's now too late in the season for ya i'm afraid.

    p.s. this might be better suited in the outdoor growing forum :p
  4. You could try a greenhouse and use supplemental lighting to make up for the hours of light and darkness, some outdoor people around here are able to harvest year round this way. I know of a guy that is on his third harvest this year outdoor. Can be a large undertaking though depending on your situation.
  5. Get your'self some lights ASAP...

    If you can do it as soon as the end of the week, take one clone from each plant and labled them all correctly to save confusion... WIth you lights, shoot them into 12/12 period and determine each flowering clones SEX...

    If male... rule out the plant you got the clone frome...

    If female...BRING HER INSIDE...! or winter will take her out = (

    So... You got some cash to spend? lol = )

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