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  1. My new puppy ate the wrong brand of food and has been throwing up since yesterday afternoon and its 10:30 a.m. of the next day. She threw up a few times this morning and she look like shes in a lot of pain. Shes rubbing her paw against her face. Is it normal for her to be sick for so long, or am I just trippin?

    what have you been doing?! better safe than sorry.
  3. wtf you doin son, take her to the goddamn vet!
  4. This.


    And This.
  5. All of the above
  6. Puppies should eat a ton and play all day.

    Barfing is not a good sign for a puppy.
  7. Sound like a broken record, but vet man, asap, not good, could just be nothing but better safe then sorry.
  8. im curious what you mean by wrong brand of food...unless it was some kind of people food, no puppy food should make your dog that ill unless it was poisoned
    so better have taken that pup to the vet and that be why your not answering to any of our vet replies
  9. what kind of advice are you looking for on a marijuana forum?

    I'm suprised no one has told you to let your pup hit the bong.
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  10. probably because its against the rules to discuss animals getting high, even at times when its just joking...
    that and its a puppy for petes sake! you wouldnt have a 3yr old hit the bong would answer that
  11. It's probably fine, but you should take the puppy to the vet just in case. My dog happens to have a sensitive stomach and sometimes a new food will make her sick, so it's not really that big of a deal when my dog gets sick. She's gotten a lot better as she's gotten older, she settled down and is less mischievous and doesn't get any trash anymore or anything like that, which I'm sure has helped a lot.

    But my dog is also 10 years old, I don't know how old your puppy is, if it's a young one then you should definitely get it to a vet. Especially if it seems like it's in pain.

    It might be too late right now though, I know that the two vets here in my city close pretty dog got pretty sick and layed in one spot all day and kept getting the shakes and wouldn't eat at all, not even a dog treat, so I knew something was wrong. But by the time I figured that it wasn't just going to go away, it was too late for her to get to a vet around here...and the only possible vet was an emergency animal hospital and they charged a ridiculous amount that I couldn't afford.

    Just watch out for the puppy for now if that's the case and there's no vets open near you, make sure that there's nothing weird in the blood or anything like that. Make sure there's plenty of water and stuff and just make sure it's ok for now.
  12. I'm not advocating anyone getting their pets high. I am simply stating that common sense would tell him to get off the computer and go to the vet.
  13. sorry..u must not be used to my posts...sarcasm dude;)
  14. my baby's all good now. How do I close this thread?
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    glad the pups alright. (thread tool is right here. ^) follow the arrow up.

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