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  1. I recently moved into an apartment and want to start growing for personal use i was wondering if anyone could help me as to what kind of set up i should use. i will be able to set up the grow in my walk in closet. I have Fluorescent lights but will buy whatever needed to get the most yield from such a small space.
  2. if you have an entire closet, i would get either a 400 watt or 600 watt mh/hps, if you have a way to ventilate the closet! how big is it? if your wanting something smaller go with a 250 watt if you can. I love cfl's for small apartment grows, that what im using right now and its much easier to keep cool if thats a problem, and keeps the electric bill down too. what kind of flouros do you have? sorry that was a ramble, keep tokin my friend and read everything!
  3. I would have to disagree with you there.
  4. i have been looking at this hydro setup. i also am in the process of designing a cabinet to put it in. i have a 4 ft long, 8 ft high section of the closet that i will be constructing the cabinet in. using the rest of the closet to vent the hot air and useing the fresh air from my bedroom to cool the box down. i dont have a problem with my landlords since they cant come in without my permission.

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