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  1. I came home today and my mom found my home made bong. I dont want any smart ass replies about how I should have hid it better. They turned my room inside out.
    I don't know what to fucking do.
    She was saying how she is disappointed in me but she does it too.
    My stash is still where I left it but I think I should just give it to her.
    What have you guys done?
  2. dont give your stash to her. thats dumb. and if she does it you two should sit down and talk about it. have a deep conversation. explain your side.
  3. nothing
  4. If they haven't found your stash you can always lie about it saying that you only do it once a month or very rarely when with friends, etc etc.

    However, giving your stash to them will show some honesty and faith and they wont be as disappointed in you (hopefully your stash is small so it looks better).

    I've never gotten caught luckily.
  5. Well I have been doing it alot. I told her just for the past month or two but not very often. I have little bit more than a 1/4 but I was just going to put a few bowls in a bag and give it to them. I am trying to think of what to say to her.
    I am almost willing to try the nothing thing to. cant get any worse than it is now.
  6. Tell her that you are both adults which means you both have the right to decide what you do with your bodies,

    I still find it crazy that even at 18+ your parents still search your room

    and don't give her your stash (she'll probably smoke it anyways)
  7. oh yea and you should have hid it better
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    i sorta got caught awhile back( when i was still 16)..ill tell ya what i did..I was outside smoking a few bowls and I was taking my time (bad idea) and it was already dark out and I had school the next day. I started thinking about it so i just finished fast and started to go back inside. Right as I got to the door my mom was almost at the end of the hallway leading to the door..i lock the door and say that i am just coming in and she quickly responds "why were you out there?"..i was EXTREMELY blazed..that was the most i had smoked in weeks at that point..and i had no idea what to say to her..i ended up babbling some nonsense (made no sense im sure) and just said im going to bed now..I knew that she had to have known what i was doing because i REEKED...well my friend was living with me at the time and my mom ended up talking to him at some point and told him that she knew what i was doing, so he came and told me obviously and thats when i had to decide what to do..i knew she would probably go through my room while i was at school, so i just grabbed my stash, took out about a gram and put it into one of those little "jewelry bags" and decided to go talk to her...we talked for at least 30-45 minutes and i gave her the baggy somewhere during the conversation...we kept talking and I let her know that i was gonna be responsible with it and then a little bit before we stopped talking she gave the baggy back...she said she didn't like it, but she knew she couldn't stop me if I really wanted to, and just asked me to be careful and not use any other drugs.. maybe just be hoenst with your mom (i understated how much i smoked tho..i said usually at night to help me sleep and sometimes before movies and stuff, but not everyday or anything..which i let us know how this goes
  9. Fuck you. lol
    I am trying to figure out why she asked how I got it so fine when my stash is still in my spot. She asked if I used her grinder, which I did but I just said a razor blade. I wouldn't think that if they found it they would leave it there. Its in my speaker port but I don't think she knows that they have them.
    I am just going to wait and see. Little bit ago before I made this she was almost acting like nothing happened.
    I haven't left my room sense she told me though.
    Let me just say it is not fun to have your mom come in your room with a hall mark bag filled with a water bong, water bottle with a socket and a scale. I didnt even look in the bag, I smelt the shit when I grabed it and it got close to my face and I saw the top of my home made bong.
    She has to know I was lying about how much I use though. My bottle was coated in resin. I think there was about enough in the bowl to scrape with your finger nail and make a resin ball.
    On the bright side, gives me a reason to take a few days off and make a new one.
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    dude, omg.... sucks your parents turned up yur room. I started smoking at the begining of this past july and my mom has caught me with various pieces of paraphernalia but all could have been explained or accounted for by other hobbies or activities (ie, pipe screens that i was caught with were explained as being for my actual tobacco pipe (i inherited a couple briars)) but i knew i was found out in the second week when my mom walked in on me taping up a pop-bottle bong. The kicker was one day i went out and smoked until like 3 in the morning got home and crashed and tucked my bubbler and remaining dank into my computer bag. later that morning I woke up becuz i heard rustling in my room.I cracked open my eyes and saw my mom look into my bag pull out the weed, then put it back. I got out of bed 5 minutes later and she still hasn't said anything about it. I either got lucky or i'm in for the lecture of my fucking lifetime on the drive down to school. I'm not sure how old you are man but keep toking and keep your shit outside your room.

    Also.... why would you give up the weed? dude... don't even joke about giving up something so precious, man that is gods gift to you, that you bought from an angel. too far? smoke and you'll get it
  11. I think I am good to go. She isnt saying anything else aobut it. I talked it over with my friends about what to do and I think I am going to wait until tommarow and see what happens.
    I just wish they would have found it on like monday. Not thursday evening. My weekend is shot.
  12. yeah, so nothing came from it. she didnt say anything about it when I asked. I think she doesnt care. I am going to lay low for like a week or two though. I need to take a T break anyway. She just went to bed and just said dont stay up to late and to keep our conversation between the two of us. I feel kinda bad now for going to the internet for anyone to see.
  13. God fucking damn it.
    I guess she did find my shit.
    She just gave my stuff back said be responsible. Half my shit is fucking gone. FUCK. That was some High fucking mids. I Didn't even know she still had it. it was there last night and I didnt even check today and she just gave it back with some gone. Nice fucking way to get some free weed.
    Its a fucking Hallmark moment alright.
  14. if my mom stole my weed, id say id been raising her correctly. :p
  15. Don't get me wrong I am glad she is cool with it, but I think she got almost an 1/8th. Guess I will be buying more sooner than expected. She is going to know I was lying about it though.
    She asked how much it was and I said 25. If she smokes it I might be talking to her about it again.
  16. Another problem. My weed is gone. I think my mom took it last night. I am going to have to go ask her for it back but should I wait till she isnt so drunk.
  17. Well sorry for all the post but looks like I am getting that break for a while.
    I bought a half ounce 3 weeks ago thinking if I take it slow I will have it for close to two months with school starting and every thing.
    I might have 4 or 5 bowls left max.
    I spent all my money that I wanted to for a while on the half so I will probably be clean for a month or so untill I can afford to go half with my friend on 3 ounces.
    Thanks for all the help though everyone. I went with the do nothing and my mom seems fine with me smoking now. I think what it was, was I stayed up at my friends new apartment and the next day was my sisters birthday and my mom's friend that smokes came over and they must not have had any or my mom tried it before she gave it aback and they liked it.
    Long story short is I lost a 1/4 of some good stuff to learn that its ok to smoke with my mom.
    I liked it better when I had to hide smokeing and I had all of my stuff.
  18. If she really smokes the green too, you might want to get a bit harsh with her and imply that she's being hypocritical
  19. I am still waiting for the right time. Last night she was really drunk and I didnt really even see her today. I will have to wait till tommarow. All I know is I want my stuff back or some money. I would rather have some money.
  20. I am so high right now. I figure if she gives me my bong thing back I might as well just scrape it and put it witht he little weed I had that my friend owed me. It was fucking crazy. that thing was like a BB.

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