Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skunk budz, Sep 1, 2003.

  1. i had my 65w plant lights about toinches away and soil pushed up on the stem for balance it was 2 days old the stem just weaped over can someone help me it died
  2. what type of soil? ventilation? did you use any ferts? and how much? and this 65 watt lamp, was it a halogen type? sounds as if you fried it.
  3. yeah more info would help
  4. whats poppin i dont know what kind of light they are they dont say on the box i know they have a blue frost on them so i thought they would be good for veggie, im using miracle gro soil with water that has been left out for over 24 hours i have to fans running one was for the stem and i had a dual fan one side intake one side exaust, ill get u the diameters of my closet when i have time thanks any ttips and help will be grately appreciated peace
  5. i dont know, blue tint bulb? you may have got some type of halogen. for less than 15 bucks you can buy 4 floros and the balast to house them, then at least heat wont be an issue and youll get the blue spectrum you need. while vegn with floros, try to buy an hps for flowering...if you havent seen my post "20 days vegn" check it

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