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  1. does any one have any great indoor soil recipies and any other tips to help obtain a great harvest to bragg about?any and all advice welcome.i've had two harvests and they were nothing to bragg about at please i could:smoking: use some seriuos help.
  2. Ok well if you really want to do something about your quality/yields we have to start with the basics. Before I can help, you need to first tell me every aspect of your grow operation. Meaning: space?,soil?,lights?,# of plants your shooting for?,yield you have been getting/you want?,what strain your growing out?Nutes you use?Pot size in gallons? and anything else you can think of. That will get us a good start and we will go from there.
  3. first of all thank you for replying,my grow space is a closet split into two levels,top tier flower,bottem tier the top tier i have two 70w hps lamps also there is a 10in fan blowing out in the ceiling with 3 8in fans circulating and it still stays in the high 80's.on the bottom tier i have 1 4 foot 40w double flourescent fixture for vegging and there is 4 2 foot 20w fluorescent soil is 50% soilless mix and 50% perilite,as far as strain of plant unkown it was just some really great shwag.hope this helps you help me.also need some advice on getting some beans to the U.S.A. safely. thank tou for your time

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