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  1. I need some help i just bought some northern light seeds and i have never grown anything in my life. I have no idea where to even start i have limited space but i have a lot of spare time. If anyone can help me i woud much appreciate it
  2. You didn't ask anything?

    You need,,a secure space,light,Organic or Hydro equipment,ventilation,small fans,timer/timers,power source,seeds,water...

    read a few posts....Now.....ask.....Many may help.......

  3. What exactly do i need? What type of soil works best? Should i use fertilizer? What type of grow light should i use? How long each day should the grow light be on? How often should i feed the plant? Should i use tap water or distilled water? Where can i get the materials i will need? how should i go about planting the seeds? What type of pot should i use to plant the seed in? And most importantly how the hell do i prune the the plant?
  4. You're asking a lot of questions there that will be hard to answer in this column. Try grow FAQ section to get started.

    The first step you need to take is to be more patient and to learn before you leap. but to get you started, you need a bunch of shit to get started; any good potting soil will be fine; use ferts sparingly when the plants are up and going; try fluoro lights to start and if you fell OK in your skills invest in HID lights; feed the plant when its hungry about every other watering; distilled water for seedlings, chlorine is bad for them; what can of materials are you needing?; check out the grpw faq on germing seeds; bigger the pot the bigger the root the bigger the plant-unless you're going to SOG or SCROG; get 'em growing good and them come back and ask about pruning.

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