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  1. Hi i don’t what is this on my fan leaf
    It’s just on one fan leaf
    What should I do ?

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  2. Relax.
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  3. But what is this ?
  4. Or light burn.
    have you sprayed anything with the lights on?
  5. I may have splashed water on it while watering it, and my light is 100 watts 12 inches away
  6. It could he that a drop of water landed right down into the tiny, emerging shoot. These are pretty fragile at first, and the water drop acts like a magnifying glass and burns the new leaf tissue.
  7. a little nute burn spilt is no biggey,...... the twisty leaves is a big thing, excess (N) causes the twisting, as the plant grows (N) is consumed the twisting clears, avoid over feeding

    good luck

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