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  1. Hello all. New to the site and just looking for some feedback. This is my first ever grow hydroponically and was just wondering how I’m doing and how the plants look. My main concern is the fact that I’m 4 weeks and 2 days in and I have no actual buds. Flipped to 12/12 on 11/16. Also the yellowing of the lower leaves and the brown spots developing on the upper leaves. There are trichomes everywhere on the leaves surrounding the pistils though. I’m growing using the dwc method in a 5 gallon bucket and I switch it out weekly. Right now I’m using fox farm tiger bloom and ph levels are adequate. Using a 1000w full spectrum led light. What am I doing wrong? Please help! No idea on strain as I got some seeds from a friend he found in some smoke.

    Also, it kinds of brings a second question to mind. Do you start counting when you flip 12/12 or when you see the first pistils emerge? If it’s the latter then it’s only been flowering for a little over 2 weeks.

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    The latter, you do have actual buds what those pistils are attached to. May want to post any future hydroponic grows within the hydroponic growing section. Some hydroponic growers may see this in this section, but you'll get more help growing hydroponically in that section. Awesome job thus far bud. The deficiency could be an issue however I also see burns, unfortunately I only grow in soil and cant speculate the issue or how to correct it.
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  3. Welcome to the City.
    Let us see if we can get one of our helpful moderators to move this to the Hydro section.

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  4. My apologies. I’m new here and didn’t realize this was in the wrong place. Can an admin move it? If not I will delete this and repost there.
  5. All good, no worries. You didn't post in the wrong place. Just posted in a section less likely to receive the help needed. Good luck
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  6. If they have only been popping pistils for 2 weeks, the buds probably won't be much to look at yet. Next few weeks should get much more interesting.

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