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  1. I bought an auction off storage and got all this stuff I think it's for growing. I don't want it . We're can I sell it at. I have.
    2 carbon filters 6x18
    2 in line fan's
    A grow tent from quicken 96x48x71
    It's all brand new in its boxes.
    Please help me. Thank you
  2. Can't sell stuff here. Try Craigslist in your area or facebook salecycle with a dummy account.

    That is a great tent size for splitting in two into a 4x4 veg and 4x4 flower area. That's what I do but it is short on headroom for a 4x4 and especially a 4x8. Mine is 82" tall. I use every bit of the headroom often.

    Tent is worth about $150-175 considering the short headroom. I paid $200 for mine which is much taller.

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  3. Thank you very much for your help.
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