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  1. 52A82A09-6086-4C52-A6F6-02B4F21B1404.jpeg 2AC3E60B-C920-46B3-B723-FD5BDCE30BCB.jpeg 80842C96-233E-4614-80C1-8DF1868AE6F1.jpeg B51C32C8-2B96-4FB5-AC58-92A485289F4F.jpeg DC632DC2-2A69-4262-A269-9E5E36EB9612.jpeg C8A1581B-5412-4522-83B3-802EB946877D.jpeg 44C8C98E-F7DA-451A-91AB-7C218082447D.jpeg i have no idea whats going on here, these are 2 different plants, first 4 pics are one and the last two is the other, thank you
  2. Please provide more information about your grow. The more details the better.
  3. In veg growth rn, 3 gallon pots with 18hrs of 1000w mh bulb, humidity stays at 40-45%just recently left someone to watch for 3 days and i guess they only watered it on the first day then left the lights running for 24hrs a day for those 3 days, plants took damage from this but are showing signs of recuperation, until i see this happening,
  4. And for watering i wait till its dry at least an inch-inch and a half on the top then pick it up to see if its light then i water to run off
  5. And also growing in soil
  6. I don't grow in soil and I'm no expert at diagnosing plant problems but it looks like you have multiple problems. The leaf curling looks like a heat problem - you didn't mention the temps, and the discolored leaves look like a possible pH problem.
    What is the temp and what is your pH going in and coming out?
  7. The temps stay around 80 and i just fixed the ph problem where it was to high (around 8) but then just got it down to 6.5
  8. How far away is your light?
  9. At 8.0 just about everything will be locked out. Whenever problems arise, the pH is always the first thing you check.
    Good luck.
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  10. Its a good 2 feet over the plants
  11. Will it start to get better now that i fixed the ph?
  12. Yes, but the damage won't repair itself.
  13. What should i do about the damaged parts? Like brown leaves for example
  14. If they're brown and crispy I would remove them - they're not helping the plant.
  15. Thank you it wont harm the plant? And should i just remove brown and crispy ones? How about light yellow ones?

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