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  1. 1st time grower and not sure what to do next or how long I have to go. Been in ground for 8-10 weeks

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  2. Looks like a couple months to go, to me.
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  3. how many plants do you have because the bottom right picture is showing male flowers ,,cant see clearly on other pictures but the one i can see is male ,can you get pictures a bit nearer to the buds at the top of plants ,,mac,
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  4. Seems to be do great you got any nutrients for flowering like foxfarm tiger bloom?...other than that let nature take his course if it's not broke don't fix it.

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  5. Just 1 plant
  6. Thank you for your info
  7. I will pick up some foxfarm.
    Thank you very much.
    I'm such a "Rookie:
  8. Yea looks make to me as well but pics are blurry so can’t be sure post a few clearer pics

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  9. I will post more when I get home.
    I have these old ones which are clearer
  10. 20190726_171432.jpg 20190726_171432.jpg 1561320880855.jpg

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  11. That tall plant looks like it's about to release clouds of pollen. It's either a full male or a hermie. Bag it up and send it to the grave.

    The little one looks healthy but too young to sex.
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  12. hi bser ,,,thats what i thought when i fist saw the picture op first posted reckon its a full blown male plant ,,id do what you said get rid of it ,,some else maybe growing out side near where op is growing they wont be to pleased if their prize plant get pollinated ,,macm
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