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  1. 6EFAB3BD-7241-4211-9462-E227BA07D21B.jpeg I have an indoor greenhouse and I’m starting to get these all over my plants.. does anyone know what they are and how to get rid of them?
  2. I can’t see but I’d say white flies.
  3. (Thrips, he wonders aloud)
    If so, neem oil couldn't hurt.
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  4. Do you like azamax?
  5. Never had the need to try it (shrugs).
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  6. Thanks guys I’m going to give the neem oil a shot
  7. Do they jump around constantly? Did they come out when you watered? If so they are probably springtails which aren't worth trying to get rid of since they only eat decaying matter and wont eat your living plant

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  8. They are like a small green looking bug crawling around the pots now since I have sprayed it with the neem oil
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  9. Any updates? Neem oil working?
  10. Avoid using more neem oil, there's alternatives to introduce neem to your plants. The oil isn't good for you, like using chemical pesticides isn't.

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  11. Thank you!! I almost bought it & would've fucked my organic grow. What do you use/suggest for mites and pests thats fully organic? Thanks soooo much man!
  12. I didn't get into it too deeply, it only came up when I was taking to the local grow shop. There was something he'd recommended instead but I can't remember what it was, I'll try to get over there tomorrow and ask him again.

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  13. I use monterey garden bug spray.
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