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  1. C23A42E7-41E6-47EA-849C-80F541D0E562.jpeg 8E5F8D32-D948-4E95-87B8-BCFF3E37F3A8.jpeg ok so here’s the scoop I’m new to this 100% so I’m learning everyday still the other day I transplanted one of my larger plants from a 15gal to a 30gal smart pot the hydro guys told me to try and use this other soil so I switched soils from happyfrog to soil kings big roots I’ve transplanted everything already before and never ran into this issue all the leaves are starting to droop down fairly badly all other plants are lively and looking great I’m really worried I messed something up could it be shock from transplant or maybe switching soils? I’m just wondering if I’m doomed or if there is still hope! Thanks in advance
  2. It doesn't look too bad to me, just a bit unsettled from the handling. Give it a good drink and 24 hours to recover.

    Biggest problem that I can see is that some sort of giant two legged caterpillar has removed all of the leaves from the poor thing :)

    Dont stress, it looks ok. Just watch and see how it reacts. Generally, weed is tough as fuck and very hard to kill.
  3. Forsure!! And yah I been kind of experimenting with it is it bad to remove all fan leaves like that? I was told to try and allow more light into it as much as possible

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  4. It's a controversial topic, some do and some dont. Both swear by their technique :)

    I don't. I believe it's like trying to make a animal grow faster by removing its stomach.
  5. They dont look too bad.. but i think 15-30gal is alittle much.. but wheres all the leaves at? She looks naked at hell lol did u trim her? Maybe too much shocked her.. prolly a week and itll be good again
  7. Yah I basically took off all the drooped off dan leaves it was extremely bushy but they looked horrible I heard from a few people that by doing this it puts more energy to new growth but idk and yah I figured after the fact 30 gal was a bit much I agree hahaha but hey atleast she has plenty of room lol today she’s looking a lot better I’ll update some pictures in morning! Thanks everyone!!!

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