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  1. Please tell me if you think they're too small for their age! The biggest plant ( closest to the door on the left ) is 6 weeks old ( 30cm tall ) and the other 3 are 4 weeks old on Monday ( 21cm tall )! By the way I've started counting the weeks from when the seedling popped through the soil. Closest to the door on the left popped through soil on the 7th of July. And the other 3 popped through on the 24th of July. Would I be able to put them into flower now? I know I would lose yield, but would I still get a decent amount? Thanks guys.


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  2. U can flower when every u want but the tall one maybe you should try to lst bend that top down tie it to the side of the pot

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  3. They look fine and healthy. Still a little young to flower. Wait till you see callyxs starting to form. That means they are sexually mature and ready for flower. You can try to force them over early but you'll get low yields and from what I know it's pretty stressful for the plants if you go that route.
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  4. It seems like it doesn't want to bend that far. Feels as though it's going to snap, I don't want to go to far just in case lol! What does bending it actually do?

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  5. Let them grow a bit...
  6. Im on a pretty tight time schedule. My partner is about to have our baby in the next 8 weeks and our home needs to be inspected by health visitors. So need these plants completely gone by then ( including and traces ).??

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  7. Sounds like you can't wait then. So no point in asking. Congrats on the baby though. :)
  8. I need to know whether I'd get a decent yield from flowering right now? Or should I try and hold off with the health visitors and come up with some sort of excuse??

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  9. Cheers bro :)

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  10. If you started flowering today it would take 8 weeks for your flowers to mature... Could you stash them in your car or at a friend's when the inspector comes? Maybe just give it a shot again when babe is here and you guys adjust...
  11. Idk how much yield you'll get but it's not gonna be a lot. I'd guess no more than like an oz or so. There's not enough bud sites. But you'll get something.
  12. Time to start flowering now then lol usually 8 weeks+ for flowering stage.

    Not sure about whether the size is good for how long they've been vegging, depends on strain but they look healthy and don't appear to have suffered any periods in the past which could have stunted growth. They may gain 75-150% in height during flower.
  13. It all depends on the OP's light. With a 650w light and a 5 week veg and doing a scrog he/she could easily get over a pound.
  14. Did you see the plants? No way you're getting pounds off that. Lmao.
  15. But if you know how to get a pound plus off 4 small plants in a small tent please share with the rest of us.
  16. Still saying an ounce is kind of harsh... depends on the plant. I flipped a plant half the size of OP's and pulled 50 grams off her just a regular bagseed... two main buds that were 10 grams a piece... two buds under those that were 7 grams a piece and and another 10 grams in popcorn. That grow all in all gave me a QP from a mars 300 and a few CFL one 65 gram plant and one 50 gram plant. And the plant that gave me 65 grams was veg'd a decent bit longer and considerable bushier...

    It seems all mick was really saying was that there is potential for a good yield if op veg'd longer and flowered under a proper light.
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  17. Actually I do yield over a pound each harvest with only 2 plants and only a 5 week veg. I'd love to share it with you - I have a thread in Hydroponics Growing/Coco Coir forum if you'd like to read it.

    These are plants at 4 weeks - not that much larger than the OP's. Two turned out to be males.
    4 weeks.JPG
    2 Plants - 4 weeks of 12/12 - 9 weeks from sprout.
    Flower 4 weeks.JPG
    7 weeks of 12/12 - 12 weeks from sprout.
    Flower 7 weeks.JPG
  18. Mic I know it's possible. But I was being more realistic with the pics that were posted. The op has 8 weeks from now to finish these plants out. They haven't been topped or lstd. 1 has some decent side branching. But the 3 that are 4 weeks old don't have much. They look like they will have minimal tops and minimal bud sites. When you only have 7-8 nodes on an 8" plant you simply don't have much area to sprout buds. So for those specific plants with no lst or topping I just can't see there being massive amounts of bud. An oz is low yes. But if I were the op and someone said oh yeah you'll get 30g off each plant and I ended up with 40g overall I'd be thinking damn what did I do. Or guess I should have vegged a couple more weeks.
    From inferred info I assume our op is a newer grower. With not much experience. And probably not the most ideal setup. I could be completely wrong. But I could be right too. That was my opinion. Not facts. And was made from personal experience. Both from my own grows and from what I see others do.
    Hope you are right. But idk.
  19. This is 2 plants vegged for 34 days. Under mars 300s. It's gonna be a good harvest. But it's also majorly lstd and topped. IMG_5460.JPG

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