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  1. if I want my plant 2ft tall at harvest I need to flip it to flower around 1ft tall?
  2. I flip my plants at around a foot tall and they end up 18-20" or so... just tie down branches that stretch during flip.

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  3. Thanks man. How much do you yield at 2ft? On average?
  4. How much growth or stretch you get depends on lighting. Light too far away or not strong enough to do the job gets you constant stretch. If your lighting is right, you'll get good growth and they only grow up to any degree for the first few weeks of cycle. They spend rest of time filling out buds. You'll have to figure out how best your setup works for you by using it. Hint... Don't try and flower more plants at once than you have light for. Most try to run too many plants under too weak lighting.
  5. My plant is exactly 2 ft. 3 inches from stem to top of highest nug. I'm in 6 weeks of flower. So it may get another inch taller in bud growth by harvest. Mine is 80/20 indica dominant. So indica.. not sure I'm sativa but I switched to flower at 16inches. And was going for 30 inches. So I did ok ;). I'd switch at 13inches. Unless you got a sativa then wait for another answrr lmao.
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  6. Thanks for the response! I've got 2 plants under 2 450w Viparspectra LED. My only problem at the moment is temperature. I'm riding around 84 degrees.
  7. Also On yeild. 2 ft. And grow.. 1 zip. Average 1 and a half. Great grow 2 zips to 4 zips.
  8. Send me some pics.
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  9. Will do bud!
  10. I'm hoping I can get at least 2ozs a plant. I'm using 400 true watts LED.
  11. I also run a marshydro 300. Which is close your lighting and "priceed" led. I'll send pics
  12. Thats reasonable I'd expect 2 zipss a plantt and go for 3.
    Depending how you lst top fim. And keep your plants envirement maintained!
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    I'm hoping to hit around a QP on my current plant feel free to check out my journal to see the size of it.. and the previous one I just harvested was 78 grams I didn't veg it as long... next grow I plan on completely filling out my tent with a scrog adding another light and aiming for at minimum 12oz in my 4x2

    Mars hydros run 135W btw I run two and am going to either add another one or a reflector my next flower cycle.

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