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  1. Please help me out I have a few questions
    1 why is it droopy ?
    2 color on the edge of the leaf ( yellow ) don’t kno if it’s bc of light source being weak or toxicity
    3 when should I go into flowering stage ??? I kinda lost track bc I just wanted my plants to get taller and wasn’t worried to force it into the next stage on one of the plants pistiles are visible — don’t think the plants will get taller bc I keep running into issues but I want to fix the issue at hand right now
    As far as the plant lookin droopy it’s really confusing because for the longest I could tell when it’s time to water and wen not too but this past weekend I experienced some weird stuff Exp. Saturday I watered the plant and it’s sticking out really bright and strong but then Day 2 comes droopy but water is in the soil not soaking wet and it isn’t dry soo I assumed overwatered so I let it dry out completely and Bam the plants look like they about to die from dehydration
    4 how do I go into flowering stage without affecting the other plants that aren’t ready ??
    HELP WANTED !!!!!!!


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  2. Mixture of to much watering and nute issues in my opinion... are you giving the plants food with the water and if you are are you ph'ing the water?

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  3. Yeaa only bc the feeding period says it’s time I let the plants feed from the soil for at least 2months

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  4. Are you ph'ing the water? Plant food drastically changes the ph of the water you give your plants so it needs to be balanced to around 6.0

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  5. Yea I do ph the water down. Sometimes when I mix the food with the water it comes out as 6.5 on its on

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