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  1. I have a drug test coming up in the near future and there was something I found on one internet forum that suggested pissing in the cup first (dirty) so the temperature thing reads 98F, then dumping out the dirty urine and putting the clean urine that I strapped on my leg in the cup so it would FOR SURE be near 98F. I am taking this with extreme precaution because I really want to have this job but I love toking, so please give your input. Personally, I think this would work and it's a great idea because it further ensues that the urine is near body temperature.
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  2. Here is what you do bro... get 99cent mouth wash bottle from walmart. The travel.kind...and a wide ace wrap.. clean pee.. wash out the mouth wash containor alotttttt cuz if you dont do it enough they could get a wiff of mouth wash...still clean testing but if they are near it, can become issue. .put the pee in the bottle. Strap the bottle to your thigh right up next to.your careful not to make any noise with the containor or anyting out of the ordinary and you will not have to worry about the temp..your biggest concern will be getting all the mouth wash out of the bottle and that you indeed have clean FRESH pee.

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