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  1. My plant looks pitiful! The bottom leaves are curling under and the top leaves look like they are attempting to make a fist. Any ideas on how to fix it? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  2. There is a lot of new growth underneath but the fan leaves look terrible.
  3. I just topped it two days ago. Can that cause this. I may have overwatered and I've been letting it dry out for a few days.
  4. Is that no-till organic growing? Didn't think you had to worry about overwatering too much, but that does look overwatered a bit.

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  5. Should I just let it go and see if it pulls through? I have worms in there to help airiate the soil. I also drilled more holes in the bottom for better draining and air flow. Don't really know what else I can do but wait it out.
  6. And yes, it is as no-till as I can get it. Everything is organic, but don't have a planted cover crop. Just food for the worms.

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