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  1. What's wrong with my plant? It was perfectly healthy a few days ago. It's been growing in my window for about three weeks with my tap water (I live in Cali) with no nutes, the soil is the same my mother uses for her flowers with some from the yard[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Is it time to give it nutrients? I don't have a way to pH my water so it could always be that.. Maybe I'm overwatering? I'm an absolute noob so that's always a possibility.

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  2. Is it bagged soil? What kind if you have an idea

    And its quite possible you are. But typically youll notice drooping. Just make sure the soils completely dry before watering

    Make sure you get that plant outside if you want a healthty decent sized plant. Window sill isnt going to get you too far
  3. Looks fine to me. Considering you're using soil from your backyard? I'm sure someone who will come by with more experience than me. I would go buy a potting soil at A hardware store Home Depot or may be a Grow shop since you live in Cali! If you're going to be growing you're going to want to better soil! And add perlite and ewc then you won't need no nutes for the first 3 to 4 weeks, cause the soil has nutes in it. I would transplant that when it's time, into a nice potting soil.
    Good Luck

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  4. Planning to move it inside as soon as I get a good grow space set up, until then it's the window. My backyard has absolutely no privacy and a cop lives in my neighbourhood, so I can't have it outside. I don't need a huge yield I just want enough good bud to medicate myself for a while.

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  5. I'm worried about the crisp looking brown bits at the ends of the leaves and the small spots of brown on them.

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  6. Looks pretty healthy to me considering the situation its in.
  7. If you're growing just on your window sill it's not going to get as much light and ventilation just sitting on the windowsill. You could buy a tent for 70 bucks on eBay a 4x3 for cheap. Then you're going to need everything that goes with it there's no place you could stash it around your house like in the woods where no one will find it? I have one out in the woods for the last two weeks and I have green fencing around it so dears are animals can't eat it!

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  8. That's nothing I wouldn't even worry about that! It's too little brown spots you'll be OK bud you're using soil from your backyard. Buy some soil

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  9. Go to a hydro store and ask for fox farms happy frog soil. Great for vegatative growth, itll run some people $25-30 a bag but since your in cali more like $10-15. Its 10 up here in nor cal. Id buy a bag of perlite while youre there. Mix about 30% perlite

    Your windowsill probably isnt getting enough ventilation. Add a fan in your room and those spots will go away in new growth, nothing to worry about however

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