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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by black razor, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. can anyone tell me what is the significance of the v-shaped stems/branches growing as seen in the picture?

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  2. It means that the plant either topped itself or you did. That 1 plant will now devote equal energy to both those branches where normally cannabis will have 1 main stem yours now has 2.

    Growers do this on purpose as a style to increase the number of branches and to redirect the growth lower.
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  3. it topped itself. so it has nothing to do with hermaphrodite? as like earlier i read an article about these type of plants which develop both male and female flowers, and is an undesired trait. help here please?
  4. They can hermie (the self topping is not an indicator)but your plants don't look old enough to show sex.

    Nothing to worry about right now
  5. Nodal activity. The intersection point of the V is where the magic will happen and space for buds will grow.... In basic plant talk.
  6. thanks guys! I hope this'll make it right! I already killed 5 white widows and a grape kush by my ignorance !! :-/
  7. cannot view your pic but people saying it was topped sounds right. Cant add anything w/o lookin

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