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  1. Third time around getting expensive, I am growing in a 4x4 tent using fox farm soil. I'm using distilled water and have 3 well calibrated ph meters, using one 4x4 t5 for lights, green Crack and NYC diesel strains I was holding out for week 3 for aptus nutrients but every time going into week 2 sugar leafs turning yellow at tips working up and then secondary leaves. Also the soil pH when flushing is 6.5

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  2. Could be a nitrogen deficiency?
  3. Where are you getting your distilled water?
  4. Walgreens CVS mostly
  5. Your faith in the hydrogen levels in ur soil is misleading, growers, smart growers know the soil is actually alive hence the level on hydrogen, or I should say the potential of hydrogen(pH) is very misleading, use it as a very rough guide,..

    Right now I'd flush the plants with 3 times the pot volume with air temperate water, allow to drain in dim light or over night, Fox Farm is a very hot soil, hot as in loaded with nutes more nutes until you hit bud, ,,next potup add 30% perlite or clean river sand, this should dilute that hot soil, also aid air to the mix, and prevents root compaction..
    better for you to trash that ph tool..

    good luck

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