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  1. The leaves to my plant feel very dry and are kind of curling?

    I know theres a mite or some sort of infestation. Ive noticed spider webs and little orange bugs crawling all over the plant. I applied neem oil today. Can anyone tells whats going? Its an auto already about 30 days old so this stunted growth isnt amazing
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  2. I didnt ask if i was getting real weight off a cfl.. im not sure why you choose to continously post your opinions on cfls.
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  3. diatomaceous earth brushed on the stems and undersides of leaves'll sort out that lil bad grower problem you got there
  4. "Bad grower problem".. out of all the blades on here you have to be the most useless and uneducated
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  5. hahaha im right and yer too new to even know it hahahahahaha
  6. Regardless of if youre right or not, youre arrogant and you make yourself look stupid just because you have grows under your belt.
  8. You must feel very accomplished
  9. and also sorry! :wave: want to be friends?
  10. ivy league question is do i mean useless or educated)
  11. u r a joke
  12. how the fuck do you know my initials?!?
  13. Anyone could have guessed u r a joke
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  14. your fun :)
  15. I dont get mad over dumb internet trolls man your posts are just pointless and its sad to see people like you on here
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  16. i still dont get all this troll shit im a man! :) and of course they let the real growers on here

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