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  1. I'm on my 2nd week of flowering & one of my ladies just did this, I'm flowering in a 4x4 tent 1k HPS with LED supplement in soil, this plant isn't directly under the light and the others are not showing the same signs & all were watered with the same PH'd water and I was just seeing if someone could tell me what I was doing wrong? Thanks 0309162354a.jpg 0309162354.jpg

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  2. Looks over-watered.
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  3. Well I don't think it was over watered I have a moisture meter & it was showing #2 dry (it has a 1-10 scale) all the way down. They are in 5 gallon smart pots with FFOF soil & they dry out pretty quick, need water about every other day, I had actually went 3 days just before this & it was wilted pretty good but after I watered it was fine and didn't start looking like this until the next time I watered & I didn't add any nutes on that one but I do add flower power nutes 50% the recommended with a Cal-Mag supplement every other watering. But I'm not sure really what is going on with it because it is the only one that looks like this & all the other ones are okay.
  4. She probably needs more nutrients then, because she is kind of light looking as well. Your plants may benefit from trimming some of the lower branches to increase airflow and concentrate hormones in the tops as well.
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  5. Thanks Senseimillan I was wondering about trimming some of the lower branches because they have alot that are down really low & aren't going to amount to nothing I didn't think but was just uncertain about cutting them, I thought they were just wasting energy. But after you told me that about airflow it makes sense to get rid of them. I know about every way to kill a plant, but I didn't have good exhaust before & I think I have taken care of the major problems I had before, I've got a 8 inch exhaust fan & carbon filter mounted in the attic and I have a tent to flower in so I can veg in the same bedroom and I seem to be doing a lot better than my previous attempts so far, I invested in EC/PPM & PH meters & have a moisture/soil PH meter that I didn't have before so that now I have my heat issues under control & a better idea of when to water things are going much better. But I guess I just got nervous about the way the leaves were shrinking up on just that 1 plant I figured that it would be a good idea to ask people who have more experience that what I have. I'm going to trim up those lower branches and see what it looks like from there, thanks for your help. 0310160619.jpg
  6. I was trying to get a decent picture of the lower branches but I still have about 3 more hours before the lights cut off so I'll try again after that.
  7. During the veg phase, you can do pretty much anything to them you want as far as trimming and training, etc. It's not going to do anything except stress them a little bit if you cut off too much. But yes, I would definitely get rid of some of that unnecessary growth down toward the bottom of the plant. Right before mine go into flower, a couple of weeks or so, I trim up everything below the canopy and clean out down inside the plant. Anything 8-10 inches below the canopy is typically not going to get good light anyway, and it sucks energy away from the good tops above. Not sure about the droopy sad leaves you've got going there. Give it a couple of days and see what happens. Hopefully, it'll right itself since it's the only one with this going on. TWW
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  8. Any bugs in there? That second pic, very bottom left corner looks mad suspect. Could just be lighting but maybe give a check. Something not looking rite

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  9. Cool thanks White Widow. And Punchreba, no bugs. I have been through that already, but it was before I had the exhaust system and the temperature would get pretty high in the bedroom with the ladies whenever I had company come over and I'd have to shut the door to the bedroom because I only had a box fan that was set up in the doorway to that bedroom. I know that keeping everything at the correct temperature doesn’t ensure that I won't have a bug problem but it seemed like it was much easier to get them & alot more difficult to get rid of them before the exhaust system because I actually did have spider mites right after I set everything up this time I'd gotten some clones & they come with the mites already on the plants but Neem oil and lots of attention took care of it & I stayed in veg for 2.5 months after that just to be certain that I had gotten rid of all of them & I had plenty of clones in case something happens & I had to start all over again, but I am pretty sure that I don't have any bugs as of right now. Thanks for looking though to everyone who has given me suggestions. I actually think that the one plant in question is looking a little bit better this morning, I got up a little bit late & forgot to take my phone in so I have already zipped the tent up but I'll get pictures tonight before the lights come on & post updates. Thanks.
  10. Get in there and give those ladies a nice brazilian!
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  11. I'm going to tonight before the lights come on Senseimillman, I actually woke up late this morning & the lights had been off for about 20 minutes so I just went in there and zipped the tent up to let the whores rest for the day, but I'm going to pull Edward Scissor hands on them tonight...
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