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  1. Well this is my second grow and first time with clones and I had a couple questions. Anyways when should I start giving it nutes. They are already a bit yellow and have nute burn but I think part of the yellow is from the light being to close. I was also kind of just wondering how they are looking and if I should do anything for them. Anyways any help would be appreciated I just don't wanna kill them. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. One of them has little black dots on the bottom of the leaf. I think I might have spider mites again. Anyone know any good ways to kill them cause I think my neem oil will just burn them more. Oh and I found a little tiny bug in the perlite and killed it I looked and there didn't seem to be anymore. I'm not sure if that's a problem or not.

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  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure it's perlite and vermiculite. I don't know what kind of perlite when I get them they were already in it.

    I'm pretty sure the person that had them used nutes.i flushed them last night and they're still getting a bit of nute burn I don't know if I flushed them enough.

    The light is some cheap t5 I bought and it's like 2 ft above cause they were burning.

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  4. The light is NOT causing the burning and is virtually ineffective past about 4 inches away from the plants.

    One or two inches away is much better.

    210 watt perpetual box
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    Looks like 3/1 perlite/vermiculite. It needs to be treated as a hydroponic system. pH 5.5 - 6.5.

    AS LONG AS THE CLONE IS ROOTED, I'd use minimum 1/2 strength nutes every time I water. I water with nutrient solution in this medium every time with full strength in hempys once my clones have rooted.

    Also, I'd give it some B vitamins from something like Aussie Tonic, that should help her 'cause she's stressed out.

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