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  1. Basically I had a seedling about 2 inches tall with tiny little leaves. About 2 days old. Now I woke up this morning and my seedling had my CFL on it bc I didnt set it up properly before going to sleep. I have no idea how long it had that cfl on it but thankfully it wasnt burnt. What happened though was the stem right under the leaves bent but didnt break. Now what it looks like is it has the normal stem and then where the bend was it's like a mm of thinner stem and then back to normal stem and the leaves. Now Im using a straw as a splint bc it wont stand on its own and im worrying it wont make it. The leaves are the most beautiful green like nothing even happened but I'm still worried bc the stem just looks so horrific. This is how the stem looks like ======--==B (B=leaves) WHAT DO I DO?!?!?? HELLLPPPP!!!! 

  2. not much you can do except wait. the nutrients will be choked but it may survive.
  3. I'm going to cry but thanks for being straightforward doctor...  :(  :cry:
  4. haha there's a lot of learning at the start. this won't be your last mistake.
  5. Can you post a picture??

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  6. Fucking up hurts so bad. I've put my garden through hell (first time growing any kind of plant) and after two months am still working on getting things right. I hope everything goes alright for you and your plant. Post a pic if you can.

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  7. Eh just let her be.

    I'm guessing she'll be fine, she'll be a bit stunted, but it'll heal and she'll start to bush out because of the unintentional low stress training.

    Seriously though, I bend the hell outta my plants, they live.

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