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  1. Alright so I'm a guy and I'm bisexual but I'm not open about it. Like only 3 people actually know. So me and one of my friends hook up all the time which is great because its no relationship we just have sex then go on. But anyways the question is how do I go about getting other guys to do sexual things with me or with both of us? I have gotten "straight" guys to do some things like hand jobs before but it has ended one friendship. (Probably too weird for him knowing we whacked each other off). But I have tried to get other guys to mess around that I think might also be secretly bi but it's just hard to know. And I really don't want a lot of people knowing I'm bi. But anyways does anyone know a good way to get other dudes to hook up with me in secret?
  2. Honestly if you want to get with a dude some time you really should come out and be more open with it. There is nothing wrong with being bi/gay/what have you
  3. Meet people. Putting off a gay vibe would probably help.
  4. What exactly is a "gay vibe"?
  5. being flirty with other guys is a pretty good way to give off a vibe.
  6. I know there is nothing wrong with it I'm just honestly not comfortable with coming out. Don't know if I will ever be able to

  7. Flirting.
  8. But if they think I'm straight then they will see it as a joke. And there's a major gap between flirting and sucking his dick. I'm asking how to get them in bed lol
  9. Also I'm not going to meet a stranger on Craigslist or some other site. That's not at all my style. I'm looking more to get with guy I know/am friends with

  10. Im from a completely different place then. Here there is no playing around like that.

    Just go to a gay bar or club. Plenty of assholes willing to take you back homefor a one nighter.
  11. weed, booze, truth or dare, slumber parties, spin the bottle, head to the local gay establishments....any of these things would work.

    but if you're serious, bring up the topic of gay marriage with your friends. pay attention to the answers and who says them. pay attention to who is quite and doesn't say much about it. Try other gay themed topics. If you need to lead in to topices, say it came up in your social studies class or poli-sci, Dr Oz whatever.
  12. Be honest about it.

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