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  1. I recently had been robbed of 300 from a drug dealer, and he lives in my neighborhood but I never seen him around. I walked home yesterday from work, and I bump into someone and I ended up asking them if they knew him. He replied that he's seen and chilled with him, but that was a while back. Do you think I should keep looking for him, or just drop it? I've been so stressed about losing the money because I now have to work overtime again to pay my bills.
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    Shoot him in the face.

    I'm sure a lot of people would thank you. :p

    Even if you're joking around, we do not allow the advocation of violence or use of guns on GC =- WW
  3. That was a thought lol, until I realized he'd probably end up avoiding my area.
  4. Find info about him on the internet or shit and blackmail him until he pays you back.

    Go for it bro, go for it
  5. Why do you have to work overtime to pay your bills, were you giving him your bill money?
    Probably not a good path there.

    I'd say drop it, unless you're sure you can drop him and any other trouble that would result.
  6. Well he never answers calls, and he's probably done it to a lot of people cause he tells everyone he likes to be on the down low.
    I know his name and his alias only, so I'm guessing it would be really hard to find him.
    I can hold my own, it's just finding him is the problem, you feel?
  7. Cause I was doing a friend a favor by helping him get some bud for a party but the kid ran out of the taxi and I had no way of finding him.
  8. How come nobody asked the method in which you got robbed.

    Did you ACTUALLY get robbed or did you just get duped? How did this situation go down?
  9. I would like to know this too, if you don't mind sharing.
  10. 300 dollars is a pretty big deal. find that motherfucker
  11. I'm skipping to the end since GC didn't send the full story.
    I got in a taxi with my dealer cause he wanted me to front him so he could get it for me , I told him its shady, so I agreed to go to the dealer .
    We arrived and I pull out my wallet to pay the driver and he took my cash.
    I instantly want to chase him but the driver thinks it was planned to never pay so I never got out and ask him to drive after him, motherfucker ends up telling me if I don't pay him I can't leave and he drops me off home. Shitted on right?
  12. please remember that we do not allow any advocation of violence here
  13. Yup.. he shat on you..

  14. 300 dollars man. Find him.
  15. fuck that shit handle your business man and get your money back
  16. maybe you can break into his house and steal his xbox or something

    nonviolent payback :)

    a drug dealer beat me once for 100$ i was going to beat his ass with my friends but before we could do that he got arrested for shooting someone in a burger king over 3000 pills of unmentionable.
  17. When I was living in Philadelphia, if a drug dealer even ripped us off $20 we would go after him and blacklist him.
  18. I was taken for $ 350 one time. This was a guy I had known and dealt with for 10 plus years. I was speechless when I realized what was going on. I mean this dude was my friend! So there I sat quite literally locked and loaded ready to go find him starting by going to his moms house first, then I had a thought. $350 is a shitload of cash, but compared to felony charges, jail time or worse, it's chump change. The situation sucks OP, but don't go do something stupid and possibly ruin your life. karma will deal with the dude that got you in good time.
  19. I've done a year before , that shit sucks but thanks for the advice cause I was thinking the same but my mind said other things ,
  20. Yea man, be a better man about it. If nothing else do it in the good name of bud in general. we will never see legalization by acting like criminals.

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