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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GuyontheCouch, Nov 26, 2002.

  1. Can anyone give me some tips on how to get essays done quickly and to a high standard in the middle of a stoned rush? And how to resist the temptation of the TV/fridge/bong at the same time?

    Please, I'm desperate. I'm have a sh*t load of college work to catch up on. Whenever I'm sober I cant concentrate on the screen, all I want to do is toke up. When I'm stoned I just want to mong out, eat, laugh and sleep. If I drop out of college (again) I'll never get another shot at it. Surely there must be a way to be a full time stoner and a full time student?

    Its 2am, I'm uber-stoned!!! Yet, alas, because of this backlog of work I'm not happy. And if I'm not happy this stoned, f*ck knows what I'll be like when the weed wears off.

    I need another hit. If anyone knows a technique, post ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
  2. uh, well third times a charm I suppose..if you cant suck it up and get your shit done..I mean you failed out once already? then you shouldve figured out a way to do it right this time eh? not for nothing..but Ive made some mistakes getting all stoney and not getting my shit done and not seeing the bright side to that..
    my advice, drink some coffee, take a no-doz and you wont be able to just "mong" around.
  3. by no means am i trying to be an ass... but if you can't find a way to prioritize you're school work over your toking... maybe you shouldn't be smoking weed while you're going to school. it'd be tough at first, but over time you'd get used to it and hopefully get more focused on your school work. don't take going to college for granted. i screwed things up for myself pretty nicely and now it's not looking like i'll make it to college for another couple years yet when i coulda been almost out by now... you got a second chance at it, so don't mess it this time :)
  4. Dude, smoking is sooooooooo much better when you've taken care of all your bizness. It's my reward for playing society's game. I prefer it when I don't have to worry about "gotta do's."


    Put down the bong, drop the twinkie, and HIT THOSE BOOKS BUDDY!

  5. its called caffiene.

  6. That is probably the truest thing I've heard in a while. How can one truly enjoy a high when he has his responsibilities nagging at him in the back of his mind?

    Great advice.

    Keep tokin' :smoke:
  7. Thanks for all the advice. I definitely need to break this cycle of getting stoned now and getting work done 'later'. Maybe I should stop toking for a few weeks.
  8. Here's a tip I learned.


    Now have your dad tell you that about twenty time at 5 am every day and see how motivated you get.

    If that doesn't work to help prioritize your life just try writing it down. Believe it or not, putting you goals down on paper really helps you to reach your goals.

    Do a thorough soul searching of what you have to do, what needs to be done, etc. Then write them all down. After you write them down read them OUT LOUD to yourself and then you will think of a few more to add. After that, right down your goal or target for each of the activities you listed. Make sure you add a date to be completed for each one. Then for each activity right down the resources needed to accomplish such as go to the library to research, money for copies, etc. Then set a review date a week or so away where you will review each activity. You can set this up on an Excel program to help out.

    After you have written your reqired activity, its goal/target, anticipated completion date, necessary resources to accomplish, activity, and a review date you will have everything prioritized to finish what you need. that is as long as you follow through. And if you don't follow thorugh remember the US Marine Corp is looking for a few good men to!
  9. quit...

    or see if you even can anymore...

    not to be a prick, but if you fiend for weed that much you are mentaly addicted and need to drop it for a while. college is not cheap, dont waste you money. Wich is not to say dont get high in college... getting fucked up is half of what college is about, just dont forget the other half. Shit like "when im sober all I can do is think about getting stoned" is reson to start remebering other shit that you value in life, ya know?

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