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  1. Hey guys just harvested some purple berry and hindu kush... i hung for 5 days with 75-78 degree and 50 percent humidity in drying closet. I put them right into jars and they have been in there for about 3-4 days now. I have been burping them every day for atleast 30 minutes. The smell seems to be fading away compared to when i first put them into the jar. Can you guys please let me know what im doing wrong or how i can enhance the smell. I have more hanging right now so i would like to get more information before i take those down.
  2. Put the jars on their sides make sure u roll them a little everyday so they all cure evenly id burp 45 min. Once a day or 20 min twice up to u on cure time make sure u got good airflow and low humidity to prevent mold growth u can cure anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks up to u on flavor. Best advice i can give hope it helps

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