HELP, yellows - thought was CA or MG, now maybe too much and its K defc?

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    I have pictures now of my whole operation, please check them out and help me more!!

    i got more but i cant get them all on and im at school so i gotta wait till later, of my nutes/light/temp and stuff. temps around 77 78 usually tho

    I started some plants awhile ago, they are all around 1ft tall right now. They were yellowing, and I got some ca deficieny stuff, and gave the yellowing plants that, they mostly started looking better, but afew are still yellowish, more at the bottom of the plant and stems of afew are reddish, but not all of them, and only on some of the plants. I think I may have added too much CA and I read it can lock up K and it can cause yellow and the leaves will start to kind of curl/burn at the edge and they ARE doing this in some spots. Also, stems are red which could be a K def or maybe just the strain? I have several strains, including mendo purps, big bud, ortega, strawberry kush and something else.

    I grow in a dark room, with a 600 watt HPS turned down to 75% most of the time. I have pretty good ventilation, with air from outside blowing on them 24/7. The temp inside the room is around 78º F most of the time, not sure what it should be at. Im still in the veg stage and feed them basic nutes mixed with great white stuff in Arrowhead natural spring water. Sorry i do not have any pics right now, but i will try to get some up.

    If it is too much Ca causing a K def, should i just flush the plants (not quite sure how) or just add some K nutes to my plants? or both? dont know what too do here!

    Ask me any mroe questions and i will try to get back to them! i dont want my plants dieing :(
  2. Pictures would help us 100xs to find the problem!

    Do you check your PH levels? With the nutes you were giving it could have locked out...

    And yeah if your leaves are curling down, its usually over fertilizing

    If thats the case you should flush your babies, if your using 3 gallon pots 10-15 gallons of water through the soil should wash away any salts and nutes stickin around
  3. 10-15 gallons of water overall, in lets say, a week? Im not very sure how to flush my plants, its my first grow... Do i take them out and flush the soil or with the plants still rooted? Im going to transfer my plants to bigger pots soon, so i may end up just buying more soil, would this do the trick if I transplant them very soon? Im pretty sure ive given them too much nutes
  4. It isn't really that common to have a calcium, magnesium, or other micro-nutrient deficiency. 90% of all plant problems are due to either over-fertilizing or over watering. The typical method for flushing is to pour 3 times the volume of water as your container size (for example, use 3 gal water if your plants are in a 1 gal pot). Simply pour the water through the plant as if you were watering it. Continue pouring all the water, and let the plant dry out for a couple of days. This will help to wash out the excess nutes, salts, etc. that can build up in your soil or on the inside of your pot. Stick your finger down into the soil, and when it is dry to about 2" down, you can begin watering/fertilizing like normal. Start out using 1/3 of the suggested strength of whatever nute you use, and slowly work up from there. If in doubt, use less rather than more. Use the finger method to test the soil before you water. After a few times, you will be able to judge when the plant needs water by feel.
  5. thanks, got more pics up. my temps around 77 F and il try to get more pics laters. its currently at 75% watt of my hps light about 2 and 1/2 ft away from plants

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