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help! yellowing leaves and brown spots

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by sibannac, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. What does it mean if the lower leaves turn yellow and lighter green and get brown spots? Areas around the veinal areas of some plants are also turning brown and wellowish. The top leaves are also coming through very light coloured. The plants are two weeks since germination. Potted with compost and sharp sand 1:3. Fed twice weekly with babybio, and watered when top two/three inces of substrate go dry (2 - 3 times a week.) The substrate is fairly compact, and doesn't seem to drain too well. Pots are two gals+. Lit with 4500 lumens of white fluorescents and 5504 lumens of white incandescant during veg. The temp at top of plants is mild, hand doesn't get too hot if underlights for a minute+, fluoro lights some 8" above plants and incands about 18" above plants. White paint and foil for refectivity. Fan on low which gently moves the plants to strengthen stems and povide plenty of fresh air from open window. Seeds from v.good green, first grow. Planning on buying good seeds if successful with 1st grow. The plants are for medicinal use, and is important for controlling health issues, so it can't be buggered up.
  2. your bombarding baby seedlings

    the compost thier in is way more than enough for seedlings , feeding with ferts 2 times a week and its only 2 weeks old ................and your over watering

    leave them alone....go to the beginners section and start reading
    go look at your plants in a week,if thier alive water them in a couple more days
    or start over if necessary with your new found knowledge.

    seriously the best advice I can give you is to use soil and water ONLY get your plants growing learn to make clones from these plants , learn when they want water,and bud them

    2nd crop...
    now try and get fancy to increase your yield a bit
  3. DO NOT use Baby Bio, it's utter garbage for weed plants, if you have to use a commercial name that isn't made for growing use Miracle Grow for the veg stage at least,

    as Ganja Guerrilla said go easy with the water for a few days and if they aren't in their final pot maybe you could mix some Perlite or Vermiculite with the new soil, maybe 1/3 if your using sharp sand as well
  4. ooh bugger, I didn't realise I was doing so much wrong. I've read absolutely tonnes of stuff on the web, but with so much conflicting info I've got mixed up by the looks of things. Right, no water for a week, just watch em do their thing for now. Everything was going so well until a few days ago. Can even see tricomes on some of the leaves, and they smell rather good too. The other thing is that some of the leaves are contorted, curling down or twisting slightly. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your help. This site is the best one I've come accross, people seem happy to help and are well informed.
  5. OK, I've got some pics that may give you some idea of what's actually going on with the plants:

    The sick looking plants:

    The healthier looking plants:

    Does anyone know what it means when a three leafed seedling grows like in the bottom pic?
  6. I had one like that and it grew quite well, it actually turned out like it had been SCROG'd, all bushy with multiple main stems and quite healthy buds, In my opinion its just a mutant but sometimes mutants can be extra strong,
    Think off it like this, a normal plant only needs two seedling leaves to store enough food to be a healthy plant, yours has three so in theory should have more food and therefore be stronger, mine was ;)

    The soil does look a bit compact like you said, get them in some new soil; with some perlite or vermiculite
  7. Looking at the pics again it could be a light problem as well, do you know what actual kind light you are using, for veg the light must be 6400k,
    are the lights close enough?
    are they powerful enough?
    these questions spring to mind because you say their two weeks old and they should be darker and bigger leaved if not with more leaves in my opinion
  8. Oooh, fingers crossed this one is female then:D

    I shall go to the garden centre tomorrow and get some perlite/vermiculite.
  9. I'm using 10200 lumens of white light for veg. The fluoro lights are eight inches from plants. Only been one week with the new lights, before that I only had 3000 lumens. It's been 12 days since planting.

    Oh, and the three pronged plant is four days younger than the rest.
  10. try bringin the flouro's a little closer, they do seem to be stretching towards the light a little
  11. OK, i'll move them down to 6" first and see how it goes, if no problems i'll move another inch closer and so on.
  12. They say 4" as the closest to don't go closer than that
  13. I've seen shots taken by people who let their plants grow right up and around fluoros, and things seem ok, but like you everywhere I have read suggests no closer than 3"-4". The reason they were eight inches away because there are a couple of 150w incandescents just to add a few extra Ls suspended a foot above the fluoros and the heat would have been too high. I altered their hight so that the flouros can be 4" above the plants. Hopefully that and new soil and organinc vegging nutrients (also getting some iguana juice for flower) will sort things out. I have 16000Ls of red/bloom spectrum MG envirolites for flower. Does that all sound adequate?
  14. Aim for a minimum of 2000 Lumens per square foot
  15. I've got more than enough then, can I have too much lumens per sq ft, or is that a silly question?
  16. Not so much a silly question, coz you never know, but no not that I've heard of
  17. cool, thanks man :)
  18. Get rid of the Incandesent lights they are probably the problem add some warm CFL's or more cool white ones.

    and for the love of God do NOT USE MIRACLE GROW SOIL. IT WILL KILL THEM.
  19. I intend on using completely organic soil, with some pearlite and moss and some drainage pebbles at the base of the pots. I'll get rid of the incandesents, I was thinking of doing so anyway coz watts to lumens they aren't very efficient, I'm getting some CFLs today. I'll be testing for PH and will add epsom salts if things are too acidic. I think my priorities are allowing the right nutrients to penetrate the roots, along with oxygen for the microscopic organisms on the roots, and reducing how compact the soil is allowing the roots to grow some more.
  20. I've got my new lights, got some new fluoros - with both white and warm spectrum. Got three CFLs to replace the two incandescents. There's very little heat coming from them, and they are all nice and close to the plants. Got some perlite too, going to mix that in as I re-pot, plus some small pebbles to go at the base to help with the drainage. Got some fert too, with full range of chellated minerals and all the toher good stuff.

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