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  1. Fellas i am in panic! i am a first time grower. 1 month ago i plant 10 feminized seeds from strain called "the Church" from Greenhouse seeds, outdoor and everything was just fine until this days. Something start to fucked up my plant! See the pictures and tell me what to do! i am really in panic! are the survive or not? is this a bugs or some desease ? Thank you!
  2. This damage looks alot like nutrient burn, except it occurs only at the tops of the plants closest to the lamps. There's only one cure for this...GET THE HEAT AWAY FROM THE PLANTS, either by moving the lamps or moving the plants.

    These symptoms are seen when the EC concentration of hydroponic solutions is too high. These symptoms also appear when strong nutrient solution is splashed onto the leaves under hot HID lamps, causing the leaves to burn under the solution.
  3. This plants are growed only outdoor in soil without any lamps so,so this is not. I have a EC meter nad PH meter and i water them every week with ph 6,8 and EC 1.5 Is this too much EC or too offten weeding? Do i burn them???
  4. Most marijuana strains are happiest when grown at an EC of between 1.5 and 1.8

    A frequent mistake marijuana growers make is over-emphasizing the need for a plant grown in soil to dry out completely between waterings. Cannabis does like dry feet but this simply means that the root zone must not be kept extremely wet at all times. Keep in mind that if the soil has an EC of 1.8 and then dries out completely the amount of salt remains the same, causing the EC to double or more.
  5. I can tell you from pic one you have slugs.....
  6. 1.5 EC on a young outdoor plant is way too much, kill the nutes for a couple waterings then cut the dose back almost half as much. Underfeeding is way better than overfeeding. :smoke:

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