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    I just recently bought a 3x3x5 grow tent and im running only a 150w HPS. As far as ventilation would i need to get all that ducting and special fans or would i be able to get away with clip on fans? I could leave these little flaps open for air to get out also. Also, how many plants could i grow with this set up? I wanted to do 2 plants, i have one Gorilla Cookies 9 days old and i wanted to start germinating a Platinum GSC. Heres a pic [​IMG]

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  2. 3x3x5=45 that's your cubic feet area now you need to double 45 or triple or even more since it's hps to get a Optum cfm

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  3. You're gonna need at least an Exhaust fan!!! Maybe a scrubber too, if smell is an issue. Clip on fans are necessary too for circulation..I run LEDs and still need a 6" exhaust fan in my 3x3x6..JMHO
  4. Definitely gonna need to evacuate the heat from that lamp.
    Clip on fans are only good for circulation.
  5. So then i would need the flexible ducting? I plan going to lowes in a little while and i trust i lost some sleep over this whole ventilation issue haha. Would this fan be suitable? [​IMG]

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  6. ya a 4" inline carbon filter, a 4" inline dust fan and 4" flexi duct, and don't forget about a fan speed control unless you like listening to the turbo in the next room

    as for the 150w hps light youll get 1 plant under it
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  7. Thanks, hopefully the shop i go to has the stuff i need without having to break the bank haha what started out as a project has turned into quite the investment, but im enjoying the process (except for this confusing ventilation stuff lol)

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  8. It's completely safe to order online.
  9. You'll be just fine..ask away, since there of lots of HPS growers here.
  10. Im not worried about discretion or anything, its more that i like to be able to see what im buying in person before i even buy it?

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  11. Amazon is very safe that way..Any problems just call on their toll free# ..I have ordered tons of stuff there with ZERO issues..They sometimes tell you if the item is in marked or plain pkging..I could care less since I am in Nevada.but it can be advantageous.
    I have found both Vivosun and Ipower products especially to be of great quality and represented fairly..
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    So from what i understand from posts on here i need the following:

    4" inline carbon filter
    4" inline fan
    Flexible ducting
    Speed Controller

    Missing anything? Ill be heading to the shop soon so i wanna know what to have on my list. Also id like to know if the carbon filter is a nessecity at this point or can i wait until flowering to get that?

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  13. I would entertain a 6" setup though..bigger is better in this case..In case you wonder..Open a vent flap on the bottom of the tent and that enables passive (free) intake..

    Oh, in case the room itself is not completely dark (light can enter thru normal ducting), you can get lightproof ducting..
  14. Cool thanks for the tips. Im gonna check out both 4" & 6" fans. But like i said in my previous response, could i hold off on the carbon filter for now and get it later on down the line? I personally am not worried about the smell since i smoke daily in my apartment, but my neighbors may have a problem with it

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    Just stick to quality name brands with good reviews. Grasscity can help you better with that then some salesman at a grow shop. They're looking to make a sale, your best interest is often out by the way side for an easy sell of what over priced items they have on hand. For example Can fan is a quality inline fan and phresh brand filters will not fail you. Tou dont need a high priced grow shop to tell you that. I love my grow shop. I've known them for years however I have been lead astray by less honorable or intelligent shop owners. I can trust my local grow shop however they are a grow shop and items are expensive compared to what can be found online.

    Seeing something doesn't mean shit if you don't know what your looking at whuch it sounds like you dont and after seeing some of the fkd up advice some grow shops give I would be hesitant as a new grower to put my faith into them without knowing the people who work there. They are a business looking to make a profit after all. Some don't care how that's done.

    I'm not discouraging you from a grow shop just being honest with you. You can get the info you need here, you may or may not get the info at the grow shop
  16. Never smelled a plant in Veg..but about 3 weeks into out with many out of 4..2 stink link hell, 1 not so much and the other..nothing..I have a large house/lot and vent outside with no scrubber...As I said, MMJ patients can grow in NV!!:)

    In short, YES you can hold off, but these things are heavy and could be a PIA/dangerous to hang above a full tent!
  17. That is exactly why im asking everyone what i should get before i even go so i know what im looking for. Im not an idiot and im not going to let anyone make me spend more than i want to.

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  18. in my experience you have 2-4 week from seed until they start veg stinking, veg stink being like a strong tomato plant odor, and it only gets worse.... or better pending how you look at it... about the 3rd week of flower and will pick up dramatically by week 5-6
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