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  1. Hey guys, so I bought the Acton Bronson gpen for cheap a little while ago, and while the first pen worked great, it crapped out after about a month. The second pen however, tastes like something is seriously wrong. My wax tastes almost like a burning metal and I can't even hit a full dab cuz it kills my throat. I tried 5 different atomizers and all were the same thing.

    So then I decided to try a new pen, I got the Glass Globe vape pen. I got 2 different batteries with 3 different ceramic coils. Unfortunately the exact same thing is happening! I cant enjoy the amazing wax that my buddy made in the pen, because it tastes extremely wrong and obviously can't be healthy with a taste like that. Best wah I can describe is like a burning metal. What surprises me the most is that when I hold the button with no wax in it, there is no smoke coming up so it doesn't seem like anything is actually physically burning.

    Anybody have an idea of what's going on? Or am I just unlucky to the point that I tried different pens, different coils and different batteries and they're all shot?

    Thanks in advance! Would love to get back to the tastey vapeing!
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    Most all of these pens are made by knock-off companies in China, with many of them coming out of the exact same company who just make a few minor changes and slap a new name on them,  and as such, you are really rolling the dice when you purchase one.
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    Most pens, taste like crap. Most will have some sort of metallic flavor, because the nature of how you're heating and vaporizing it.

    Your primary concerns are going to be, 1) what the heater coil made of (titanium or iconel - should be), 2) what the wick is made from and 3) what the cup is made from.

    The wick on my Vaporbrothers Dabbler, is made from a glass wick and iconel wire wrap, which is used in nuclear reactors. The bowl, is a ceramic bowl. I get the most flavor from my wax, with this setup.

    I've bought a few off-brand and the one I paid $10 sucks. Taste like crap. Bought another from Wyxgen by Fluid and its tastes nice!

    The other thing, is you really should have more than one and try to use the same wax, with the same heater unit. Some people mark them with nail polish and such, to keep them separated.

    Still, you're not going to really get a dab experience from a pen. I would like to try the juice cartomizers... but don't know where to get oil, around here.

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