Help with twist and rip dreading

Discussion in 'General' started by Tokinspill, May 5, 2011.

  1. I'm about to start the long process of dreading my hair. I have a lot of hair but the individual strands are thin. Right now it's about 6 inches long. I'm going to se te twist and rip method but I need help/ have questions. After I dread one should I keep like 3 rubber bands around them for a while? When I twist and rip I Start at the root right?
    Appreciate any help
  2. Are you black or white? If you are white don't get dreads bro. I know i might get hate for this and you can whatever you want with your hair but it just doesn't look good. And black people with dreads already get a lot of hate. White guy with dreads isn't gonna pull very many girls. If you are black i still wouldn't do it. I am black and i used to have some pretty long dreads. My best friend short mexican he used to have long dreads too. When we cut them we both noticed we pulled a lot more girls. They think of dreads as dirty. If you have your heart set on dreads go get them done at a beauty salon. When you do them yourself especially the twist and rip way it looks really ugly for a while after you do it. Natural way is gonna look pretty ugly too. But if you go to the salon they do it so that your hair will look like waka flockas basically. No fuzz just really tight indivisual dreads come out looking stupid hiiphy. And it only costs like 80 dollars well worth it. It lasts for a while too. Don't try to give yourself dreads. After like 2 months of getting clowned you are gonna buzz them bro.
  3. Thanks for the advice but I've been thinking about dreading for a while now so I think I'm gonna start but if it doesn't turn out good I'll take em out. I'm white btw and does hair type have anything to do with maturing? Like will thin hair take longer than curly hair or vice versa

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