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  1. Hello All, I am wondering how often I should water my plants as well as your opinion of the nutrients I am using :wave:

    I am currently growing 3 plants ina 2x4x8 foam box I made. Each plant is in a 5 gallon gro pot (the black cloth kind)

    The nutrients I am using are a mixture of brands, but the Main ones I am using, as in Grow, and Flower, is the Cutting Edge Solution micro, grow, bloom mix. With that I have GH Bio Root, Biotanicals Cal Mag Plus, GH Diamond Nectar, and GH FloraNectar FrutinFusion for later. Is it ok to mix these together and use in soil growing?

    Also I was hoping to get your opinion on the light apparatise I made. The design takes 2 4ft. 2 bulb florescent light fistures adn mounts them on a board so they face each other, but at that angle they are pointing mostly down towards the plants, lighting them from both sides, and above. Rough ilustation below

    /8 8\

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