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  1. So I have the pax portable vape.I noticed the oven barely fits any marijuana in it.what is the proper way to use these protable vapes?What I mean is for 1 "session" is 1 oven full considered enough?or are you suppos to smoke 1 oven then refill it again.Since the oven takes very little marijuana in it how much do most people need to get the desired effects?
    Also how do I know when my oven is done?I can get alot of pulls from 1 oven and when I empty it my weed is a mixture of brown and green at the top usually.Dont think I've ever had a black or burnt oven.
    Also am I using the pax correctly?When I inhale I feel the back of my throad burning MILDLY but oven time it gets erriating.When ever I smoke I have to always have a drink of something.Is this normal?I use the pax on medium setting sometimes high.
    Thanks for any answers

  2. Google is your friend
  3. Hey man I also have the pax it's allot to explain you just have to learn as you go. I do multiple sessions just because of the way I use it. And the reason it's green and brown is because you have to mix it once in a while with a paper clip or something when your vaping. Here's a good video on using it this is basically how I use it

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  4. This is a good video to reference. I just got a PAX as well, and it's looking like it's truly something you've gotta play around with to see what's going to work for you and your smoking style.

    As far as the slight burning and having to keep a drink near you for a sess... I think that's pretty normal.

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