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Help with the law

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sweet Leaf`, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Hey a buddy of mine got arrested for stealing stuff out of unlocked cars a while back. He got a letter in the mail saying he has to go to court and make a plea on the 29th. He is charged with about 24 counts of burgerly and theft. He has been smoking becuase he doesnt think hes gunna get drug tested and his lawyer said he will probably get like a year probation or something. He is 17 and in New Jersey. I was wondering if any of you guys had any insight to what might happen and if he will be drug tested. thanks
  2. I dunno if it would matter. The only thing i can see happening if they do test him is that as a condition of his Probation he will probably have to get random drug tests and if he fails he goes to court
  3. not sure about new jersey,
    but in tx they dont drug test unless drugs were involved with the crime(s) somehow.

    i would tell your friend to call and ask an attorney to make sure.. idk, it might even be free.
  4. When ever you are on probation they can randomly drug test you. I had probation for 3 yrs for a drug charge and never got tested once. I guss it really matters on the PO I think
  5. i need some more feedback
  6. thats why you should go car shopping...
  7. In MA. no matter what you are on probation for you will get tested.
  8. sounds like your friend is fucked.

    but, being that your friend is a minor, that is in his favor

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