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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by stinkbud, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. anyone help me please beginer grower have buds starting all over indoor plant buds range from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch white hairs are now turning a redish brown when and where to a pick
  2. ok bud, I been reading recently about that question, and it is all up 2 and what u like for a finished product.
    allot of people wait tell 80 of hairs went from white to orange/red, some wait tell 60 %.
    best bet is to cut off a bud, and if u got a de-hydrator, u can check the quality u want, before u go and chop down the whole thing.
    hope this help's ya.
  3. thanks guys
  4. agreed ...if there is more amber colored glands than clear or milky,,,its starting diminished returns....I only use a magnifier to check,,nothing else...


  5. Where are the resin glands in relationship to the hairs. I think I've been looking at the resin glands but they alls eem green to me. I'm not sure I'm looking at the right part of the plant.

    I always like to harvest when the crystals look like sugar and little fruit flies get stuck on them and die.

  6. u sure they are dieing? They might just be REALLY cained, too cained to move, having the best time of their lives, until they get cremated in a bowl that is. Hey! thats just given me an idea....:

    you know those little purple beasties that u get in magic mushrooms, and how they are totally saturated with psilocybin ... do u think these fruit flies are saturated with THC? heehee, carnivorous pot smoking! lol

    (you'd probably think i've been smoking with the weird shit my brain is coming out with... but alas no... i'm just sleep-deprived-tripping from lack of smoke.)

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