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  1. hello all so i have  problem with my seedling again. my soil is light warrior under 150w cfl ph is 6.5. her tips look slightly burned there is no purple  in the steam. the leaves are slightly yellow and also the leaves look super ridged tips are slightly burned also they look droopy but when i touch them they are very sturdy


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  2. Probably over watered let it dry out between waterings
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  3. agree with the over watering.
    Also watch for roots at the bottom of the container.
  4. I just watered it before the pic I let it dry out completely first. Hmm maybe less water ?
  5. Rather than watering the whole container, try using a spoon to water the stem.  It is so small, a couple of teaspoons of water a day should be nearly right, otherwise it will sit in that wet cold soil for days and days.  Unless it's too hot, in which case all the water will evaporate and leave all the salts behind, messing up the pH.
    Sometimes less is more.  It's only tiny!
  6. How old is that thing?
  7. It's already more than two weeks old closer to 3
  8. Thank you howando great advice will do once it dries out . With bag seed never a problem with these seeds fustrating lol
  9. Just checked on her she has one root sticking out looks nice and white. my dumb ass has it in a clear container with a solo cup wraped around it to
    Keep the roots in the dark. Hmm what to do from here
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    It's good that you can see it has a nice root.  It isn't the end of the world being in a clear cup.  You could put tape around it to block the light, or you could carefully transplant it in a small opaque pot if you have one.
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    I will tape it I rather not disturb it again it has had a rough start i just took a look at her finally has new growth. Again thank you for the follow up. Hopefully she will take off I will deff keep it updated
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    She's doing soo much better thanks again for the help! I also  transplanted her into that solo cup wont be moving her until  shes ready for her next size up

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  13. let it do is thing
    only change something if there is something wrong

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