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  1. Hey guys, pretty new to growing been researching for years. Finally got all the equipment because my buddy had a stretched out plant he couldn't keep. Anyway I took over growing this little girl(hopefully) and it's stretched pretty bad. Almost to the point where I don't know if it's even worth continuing to grow her. When I got her she just started sprouting her 7th node @ about 14 inches tall , I topped her 2 days ago and she's finally recovering and showing signs of growth and growth at every node is finally starting to show thanks to the LEDs she's under now compared to one CFL light she was under that was clearly way to high. My question is if I top veg her out for a little maybe tie her down and train her will I get a decent yield? I know there's a lot of factors but I'm just curious what everyone has experienced with stretched plants and how they corrected it if they were able to. Thanks in advance!
  2. Here are some pics of the tall little girl think she's like 4 weeks or 5 weeks old
  3. Here's the pics hope they upload it not my bad be patient might have to sign up for photobucket lol

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  4. Hey I'm pretty new to growing and havent dealt with to much stretch like thay. I wouldn't give up on it, I would say LST be the best way to go keeping lights close.. Def be vegging a lot longer to let her fill out a lot more.

    At least it will be easy lsting that.
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  5. Also need to transplant into 5 gallon smart pot but don't wanna stress her even more after the topping so I will most likely keep her in veg for at least 3 more weeks so I can transplant let her chill out then move into flower. I have 6ft to work with and she's got the whole tent to herself right now so I mean if getting a good yield means vegging her until she's 3 feet I'm fine with that hahah just looking for any kind of advice.
  6. Thanks jt that's what I was figuring I've got the light about 6 inches away which for LED I believe is pretty close and yes that's definitely true my first LST should be pretty easy
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  7. Transplant def on the cards,

    I have my first grow growing with CFLs and through veg keeping the nodes pretty compacted adjusting lights every few days.


    Back 3/are 8 weeks old and front to just over a month
  8. Yeah my buddy didn't know much and started it in a garbage can you would use for your bathroom with no drainage...I don't know how the plant isn't dead honestly must be a pretty tough strain to kill. I want to transplant into a 5 gallon pot with 5 pounds of super soil and sit back and watch her thrive through flowering. I had tryed growing when I was younger but I wasn't a medical patient and got worried and always got rid of the plants now that I'm actually legal I wanna do it right I have a 185ish watt LED panel probably gonna buy another one soon and throw some cfls in during flowering for lower veg/more of a spectrum
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  9. But your plants look great Jt you're killing it with those CFLs, are you using CFLs for the whole grow?
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  10. Yeah close to 500 watts cfl and a t5, did well through veg but will see how flowering goes currently 5 days into flower now so really starting to stretch now...

    But yeah bro keep that girl she will survive as long as you look after her.
  11. Yeah hoping I can turn her around completely and create a bush, gonna have to be very patient lol can't wait to start my second grow and do it right from the start instead of trying to fix this girl hahah but damn I've seen people get good yields with cfls so I think you'll do fine through flowering can't remember the guy's name but there's someone on YouTube with a grow journal using cfls the whole grow and getting a qp per plant think his name contains the word ninja or green thumb, it's been a while since I watched the videos years and years ago
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  12. And you will in time, I reckon once you get them lights in the sweet spot and LST her you will start of getting a few tops already then a few toppings then she will bush out well..

    Yeah I just can't wait to finish my first.
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  13. Yeah I've never topped a plant before and when I did the other day and she stopped growing for a day I got worried hahah but now I believe I see 3 tops forming I hope if not definitely 2 it's crazy how fast they grow and respond to the environment when they're not stressed. You must be pumped about your 1st harvest not smoking any while its curing will probably be the hardest part! I can't wait to smoke something I grew
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  14. Yeah stunts them for a few days but they do grow back pretty quick.. I was worried about topping but then thought fuck it more bud sites plus I'm also in the process of attempting to clone all the tops just experimenting ATM, failing so far..

    Yes the wait will be the hardest.. But worth it.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but you can only take cuttings while in veg right? Or can you do it in flower but it's not a good idea because it stresses them? Never fully looked into it but I mean having a clone of a plant in case I fuck it up would be nice Especially with all the stress this girl I have now is gonna go through
  16. Would be best take cutting through veg as in flower you don't want to stress or stunt the plant that much..

    I just simply put them in water and they take root after a few weeks... Keeping tbem alive after transplant I can't seem to do lol.

    Maybe look into it and your next topping try clone it.
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  17. I will probably try it next time I top her, I thought you needed root stimulant to get them to root? That's what always deterred me but if I can just put them in water and they'll take root I'll definitely give it a try
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  18. Yeah o do have rootex powders $4-5 on eBay with or without my cutting take root.. I just place them in water replacing regularly..

    Def should try it.
  19. Definitely gonna and possibly force it to flower and show sex so I won't be wasting my time with a male

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