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  1. This shit was moved last time but it's not a fucking journal, so it belongs here in general outdoor. I'm trying to get my shit together so help me out GC.

    I'll be growing some bagseed, a sativa strain I know for sure now.
    I think I'll start with ten plants in solo cups using
    1/4 Sphagnum Peat moss
    1/2 Organic Potting mix
    1/4 Perlite
    and worm castings but I haven't found anywhere to buy them around here.

    Once it's time to transplant to pots(4-5 gallon, not too sure) I think I'll use a mix of
    Organic Potting mix

    I think I'll just do the entire grow in these 4 or 5 gallon pots, more manageable.
    I'll worry about the Meals and rock dust and whatnot later. I'll figure something out or just follow a guide when flowering comes around. I don't want anything very complicated at all so I won't worry about mixing teas or anything.

    Since I'll be using pots is it still necessary to prepare the soil this month to let it cool down?

    And a big purpose for this thread is to know if the brands I chose are okay. This will be my first grow so I don't want to use a bad brand that will burn my plants.
  2. You know not to just put that manure in your soil and plant right? That will burn it, using manures requires giving it time to break down into the soil. A month or two.
  3. Composted manure + meals, and separate them from the root ball with less hot soil.
  4. I don't know where to find worm castings either...Ideas? lowes/home depot, or will I have to go to a garden shop?
  5. Yeah, I wasn't sure of what it was exactly that needed time to cool down though.

    thx cort

    Any comments on the brands? They okay for what I'm wanting.
  6. For gardening supplies??
  7. the brands r fine look on the internet for worm castings looks like u got ur other supplies of the internet;)

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