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  1. hey i could really use a hand in making sure I mix my soil up right so it isnt too hot or too ineffective..i have alot riding on this and want it to go down well.. 
    some quick facts and ingedients 
    2 by 3 by 5 tent with 400 watt HPS (thinking of using my CFL bulbs to grow the seedlings, then switch on the HPS when they can handle the light intensity 
    i will be growing in either 3 5 gallon bags or 2 5 gal and 1 3 gal.. im not sure if i have enough soil  to go 3 5 gallon bags.. 
    ok so i have a 1.5 cu ft bag (13 gal) canna terra professional plus base soil 
    4 lb pennington earthworm castings non burning and odor free 
    4 lb bag happy frog all purpose 5-5-5 fertilizer (feather meal, bone meal, fish meal, fish bone meal, alfalfa meal, sulfate of potash magnesia, blood meal, bat guano, kelp meal and gypsum 
    the canna terra is a peat moss based soil, says it has great areation and doesnt need additional perilte which is good because mine is MG perlite (although it worked fine in my current auto grow which is in flower) the soil is pre PH'ed and has a dolomite lime charge to last through the grow cycle 
    i feel like i wont need any nutes until flower (i have canna terra flores 2-4-4 for bloom cycle) 
    which is good for me since im still a beginner in indoor growing..
    im growing royal queen seeds special kush number 1 special queen number 1 (both were free and considered easy to grow beginner strains) and greenhouse seeds ladyburn 1974..which im excited about as well..high thc content great for pain relief and easy to grow with great yields
    so..anyway i need help with the proper mixture gentlemen..any help will be greatly appreciated 

  2. also, going to germ with wet paper towel method, then transfer to jiffy pods and let them develop some roots then put into soil..i want to avoid transplanting at all costs, so going from pellet to final pot is ideal for me 
  3. what a crappy result..
    got my tent all set up, and got the light on, when it finally warms up it shatters..i dont understand why..
    i used latex gloves when handling and when inserting into fixture..
    now i gotta call and wait for a replacement 
  4. bump..
    please help me out folks 
  5. Advanced warning:
    It's going to be hard to answer your question because of your premixed soil. If a soil is built from scratch experts here will know what your ingredients are and what ratios you use and help you adjust accordingly. Your mix should be AT LEAST 1/3 perlite. That is critically important. Do you know what the ratio is?
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  6. No experience with that soil at all, but just in general for the amount of soil I would add the entire 4ib bag of EWC and a couple cups of the 5-5-5 fert and moisten.

    Regardless of what the bag says, you will probably need more perlite AND lime. The MG will work if that's what you have and don't need a large amount. Same deal with the lime. With what's in there, 1 cup should do ok.

    I'm thinking this is a 'get your feet wet' into organics sorta deal? Should work just fine for that. Just be sure and wet the mix down a week or more before planting in it. Gets all the stuff working.

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    you can find out what is in soil from the MSDS sheet.
    i just googled for it. if you scroll down, it will tell you how much of what is in there. it's all synthetic ingredients.
    Preparation based on i.a. water, potassium nitrate, ammonium nitrate, magnesium nitrate,
    nitric acid and phosphoric acid.
    concentrations are listed in the link
    you can tell that it has all the needed fertilizer and that it is ph because it's 56% phosphoric acid which provides P and ph for the soil.
    here's a quote from the description on cannas website, "CANNA Terra Professional is a nitrogen-rich potting mix for plant cultivation." i can't find a base soil that has no nutrients added.
  8. Back in the day when I was using Canna bottled nutrients the soil you're referring to (purple bag) worked just fine. Nothing organic about it if that's your goal but with bottled fertilizers I made some nice plants.


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