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  1. ok ive had my plants on 12/12 for 11 day's now 3 of them look like plant 1 " see pic " and 4 of um look like plant 2 " see pic " but im looking at the nodes for the hairs/bulls etc etc but im jst not seeing anything yet but as you can see by the pics they do look different,

    so if someone can give me a hint to what the sex is i would be greatfull

    first 2 pics plant one second 2 pics plant 2

    many thanks




  2. the first one is definately a male... and the other ones u cant really tell yet which could mean they are females because sometimes females take longer to start flowering

    and i think plant 4 is female but you should give those plants more time.

    edit: and your a dick blarney stones.
  4. is it worth tyring to make bubble hash out of the males with them being 7 weeks old or there abouts and about 50 inchs tall ?
  5. In my opinion, plants 1, 2, 3 are male and plant 4 is female. However I would take more time with plant 2 and 3 to be sure, trash plant 1 (or make hash) and baby your prized female (plant 4). Oh and your male in pic 1 looks like he is just about ready to blow his wad so make a quick decision if he is going to be reincarnated as hash or not.
  6. ok thanks for the replies guys/gals i'll chop the buggers up that look like pic one tonight when i have time. in making hash do you use all of the plant i.e. stems, leaves and pollen sacks or do youjust use the leaves. sorry i would search for the answer but imtaking a risk being on here at work as it is lol " big brothers watching you !!! !

    thanks again

  7. Have you thought about sacrificing some of the lower budsites on one of your females to produce seeds? I think it's worth the slight decrease in both potency and yield(for the pollinated budsites only) because you'll have a near limitless supply of seeds. I'm vegging two plants right now that are about a week away from flowering. Ideally, I'm hoping to get one of each sex. This brings to mind a couple of questions that I'll need answered in a few weeks time.

    How long does it usually take before a male plant blows his load? Can you easily tell if the pollen sacs are about to open?

    Well, wolfiejp, good luck on the grow.
  8. First 2 pictures (Plant 1) is 10000% male :)

    Last 2 pictures (Plant 2) hard to say, does not look male from the 3rd picture as no sex is showing in that picture at all, but i do see what looks like hairs on the 4th picture which is the top down view, so keep your fingers crossed on that one.
  9. cheers for the replys guy's i have 3 plants that look like the first pic and 4 plants that look like pic 4 so hopfully i have 4 females out of it :)

    i'll give it a few more days then i'll post some more pic's to see if were right or not, So please keep popping in for updates

    thanks again

  10. make sure you get rid of the males immediately , they are already spreading pollen in the air and it will linger there for quiet some time, so if any of your plants have hairs showing they are most probably already pollenated on that section of the plant that has hairs.
  11. take side shots of the highest nodes on the plants, thats where the first pre-flowers are going to come in, your taking pictures to far down.

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