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    hello all, newbie here with some probs. I rescued this plant from a freind who was growing it outdoors, his dog laid on it breaking the top half of the plant off(was not able to recover it). So iv been growing out the bottom half. i believe it is overwatered, im pretty bad about that, but have been getting better. im about 30 days into flower and using a mostly horse manure and soil mix, i feed mg bllom @ 1000ppm 2 times weekly and have been watering every other day @ a half gallon of phed water @5.5-6.5 ph. i lsted the plant to get canopy even and since bud formation started have no been trimming or training anymore.Everything was going good until lately when it seems the growth of buds has slowed and the smell is less pungent, i also noticed the crystals seem to not be showing on half the leaves but others have a decent amount. im al;sio seeing slight yellowing on some leaves and the bottom leaves are curling down and claw shaped and very small. it is under a 250 hps with a couple 26w cf at the bottom pointed up for the lower growth. If iv left out needed info please let me know as i weould really like to find out whats wrong with my baby,m shes special after all weve been thru. pics to follow

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  2. heres better info, was in a little hurry earlier.
    What type of medium; soil or hydro?

    Soil, mostly horse manure with potting soil mix.

    What brand and type of soil?

    unknown, didnt plant.

    Indoors or outdoors?


    What strain?

    Unknown bagseed.

    How old are the plants?

    were planted in late march grown to early july outside then brought inside.

    What type of lights and how many watts?

    1 250w HPS 2 26w CF shinning up from bottom.

    How far from the lights?

    6-8 inches from highest top.

    What, how much and when was it fed?

    MG Bloom, 2 times per week 1000ppm with RO water, also 1 Tbsp. molasses.



    What is the medium/runoff pH?

    was running low about 5.0-5.5 until a week ago when i raised the water ph to 7, now its 6.0-6.5

    What are the temps and humidity in the room?
    temps are 82-86 under light, 70-75 in dark.
    RH is 20%-50%

    What size pots?

    looks like 2 gallon.

    Any bugs? Look real close.

    No., had some beetles when they first got here but i got rid of them a month ago

    Any other pertinent info?

    plant had top half ripped off by dog, after putting under 24hr light for a week the bottom recovered and started new growth.plant has been doing fine for the past month and just the last couple days it started the symptoms.also i water evry 2 days, i think i might be root bound but the plant looks to be good and green so i was worried about transplanting this late (30 days of flower)
  3. Looks like the start of nute burn, Miracle grow is most definitely bad for Cannabis. If you are going to put in all that effort, try and get some good nutes next time, you will be duly rewarded. I would start flushing with 6 gallons ph'ed water. Then on the next watering use half strength nutes. Since ya are in day 30 ya are close to flushing anyway so you could even just stop nutes since its MG, but its your choice, kinda a hard call. I might continue if I had other nutes but personally I would stop the MG at this point. Good luck and happy growing. Remember cannabis like to practically let its soil get dry and cracked before it needs watering.
  4. will do with the flush, thanks for checkin for me. I know mg arent good, but i wasnt really ready for a plant yet, was just building my box and my freind kinda thrust this on me as his dog wouldnt stay away from it, and after building my box i didnt have any money left for nutes. do you think it needs a bigger pot? i was thinkin i could transplant and flush at same time or would that be too much for it?
  5. nute burn and having alight under the plants is bad as the top of the leaves take in the energy and the bottoms release it so your messing with your nute in take as the plant is confused and may lock out giving nute burn. flush with PH'd filtered water and add a small dose of the nute that your using to leach out then water only for a couple of weeks let the plant revive and then use half of the half dose to start with
    good luck im in the process of sorting out a auto that has nitrogen toxicity  
  6. I have a cheap set up wit three unidentafied plants wit a couple florecentant lamp bulbs but I must them about ever few days four at most well there is little brown spots on the leaves I have raised my lamp from about two inches away from canopy to solve problem no fan is in my closet just three plants still seedling one or two nodes high
  7. I have put a fan pointing away from plants but put setting on low and I see the plants move a little are the spots from heat burn and water droplets I have the plants in mg and mushroom compost and feeding them mg plant food every other watering session
    Have I solved issue
  8. Brown spots

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