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Discussion in 'Pets' started by tjf420, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Well todays my birthday and got a buncha cash and just feel like buyin a lizard or sum shit today or 2moro.. i need a friend to keep me company by my computer haha basicaly cuz i dont have a pet or anything right now :(

    So i was thinking since i dont kno types or sizes rly yet until i go look at em.. any1 else here on GC own a lizard? or smaller iguana or sumthn... and wat kinda shit you bought for em.. thanks!
  2. IF you want a reptile PLEASE do not get an iguana, they take much more work than you could ever imagine, their lifespan is around 20 years but most people who buy them only manage to keep them for 3. PLUS, they need an enclosure about 4x5x6 ft and all the right uvb spectrum lightin which needs to be replaced every 6 months. Not to mention you need to spend a shitload of money on a good vegetable diet that needs to have the right amount of calcium to phosphorus ratio. I'm tellin ya man iguanas are an expensive, LARGE pet and they arent the type of pet you can just buy without doing the research, if you do just buy one, it is guaranteed it will have a shitty quality of life and die.

    If you really want a reptile, do your research, all pets exotic pets need a bunch of research. Try some sort of gecko to start with, do your research on a few different kinds. Leopard geckos are always pretty fun, and they are slow, dont require as much space and there is LOADS of info on the web about em.

    Feel free to PM mee if you have any questions, id love to help.
  3. I'd go with a bearded dragon, leapard geckops, or a mali uromastyx. Do your homeworkand have the cage setup BEFORE you cvome home with the reptile. Bearded dragons pwn down i love them and I;'m buying a new one soon :)

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