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  1. Hey guys for some time now ive been seeing what looked like PM on some leaves.. it was very mild until today when I noticed one or two leaves mear buds had thicker PM.. should I spray my leaves with a mixture of h202? I have a good while before harvest and I'm unsure how to proceed , is mu entire harvest going to be ruined?
    See pictures below

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  2. I've used h202 but didn't use it on buds. (I think it was like 3/4 tablespoon per gallon or something, but don't quote me on that). I've also read milk works.. but haven't ever tried it.

    Do you have fans circulating the air?
  3. Look into Green Cure
    Can be used right until Harvest
    Works good , a must for outdoor growing
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  4. how did the H202 affect ur grow? was ur issue as bad as mine? i wiped off the visible mildew today and im planning on cleaning the room with H202 and keep wiping the leaves down to fight against the PM. I dont think it has gotten to my buds but i could be wrong. yes i have a pretty big fan in the grow room for air circulation
  5. Dont think they sell this where i'm from! sadly
  6. I use sulphur pots to control pm
  7. You won't be able to remove it permanently. Just gotta follow best practices from now on.

    All u can do is just control it. Mix h202 and RO water. About 10ml h202 and 100ml water. Liquid Temps gotta be low to mid 70s. Spray lightly seconds before lights off. Do it for 2-3 days. U can do this even in late flower. However make sure you have nice air circulating. And your spray bottle should be set to a nice mist
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  8. No problem. Sulphar burners the way to go for sure. But pets and humans + sulphar don't mix. Some folks can run them because of the way their grows are set up. Others can't. Please keep that in mind. Shit can kill.

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