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  1. i'm having little or no results with trying to lower my ph in all my plants. i've got a nice personal crop going right now big bushy and ready to flower. the plants look healthy and consistantly continue to grow well. though they have burnt tips and there is some yellowing, caused by some fertilizing problems i had a while back.

    about a month ago when i first noticed the hi alkalinity of the soil i of course tried vinegar which managed to lower the ph of the water yet barely effected the soil. i decided i'd go get some ph down expecting better results. after dosing the plants with 12 times the suggested amount i realized that this shit wasn't going to do anything. so i flushed the plants (they were not affected much) and gave up on ph (knowing i'd have to figure it out eventually) for the moment.

    now right before i'm about to flower them one of my plants actually looks like it has a sulphur deficiency. obviously because of the high ph problems and i'd hate to loose this beautiful well-founded crop.

    so i guess my question is, what are your methods of keeping ph balance?


    400 watt hps
    small closet like space definitely a sea of green in there
    lightwarrior soiless grow medium w/ worm castings.
    age old grow fert 12-6-6
    some jamacan bat guano 1-10.0.2
    (i had a phospherous deficency about a month ago and have not been using this)
  2. What is your ph at now?
  3. 7.5 ish is a good average among all the plants
  4. Hey man,
    7.5 ish is way to high for pot. In soil it should be between 6.0-7.0 with 6.5 being ideal. Your ph downer should work but, I have only one suggestion why it might not. The second fert you mentioned there the age old grow fert I am not familiar with however, if it is a chemical fert, this can mess with the ph sometimes. What type of water are you watering with? Maybe you have a very high alkaline water.
  5. yes i know 7.5 is too high. the fertilizer does seem to neutralize the ph of the water to about 7. it is an organic fertilizer though.

    as far as the water the water's ph is at 7. and like i said, the ph down will lower the ph in the water but after watering, it will have little to no effect on the soil (unless with use of large doses of phospheric acid).
  6. By what meathod are you measuring the soil's pH?
  7. i am using a ph meter to measure the ph.

    i started using a different ph down, gradually and the average ph among the bunch has now gone down from 7.5 to 7 and decreasing.

    good, this batch should turn out nicely. they're turning out to be some big bushy ass plants. if i can get my camera to work i'll share pictures of their flowering.

    thanks for the help.

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