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  1. so im planting my frist seeds today right into that soil. I started out with 6.5 ph distilled water pour it into the soil tested the drain off the ph was at like 5.0 and no matter how high I raised the PH of the distilled water man i raised the water up to 9 ph, pourd it in the soil once again and i got the drain off soil to about 5.5 ish its not stayin very accurate. I have a ph 600 digital ph tester. AHH maybe this is not for me im ticked off lol. Any tips? right now im waiting for the soil to drain alot more before i plant the seeds so i dont plant them into mud. Or should i not even plant them and wait until the drain off is at 6.5 ish.???
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    Patience :)

    Dump that dirt that you've messed with. :)

    Take the seed, drop it in the plain distilled water in a cup with a splash of tap water.

    Tomorrow, take some fresh soil, dampen it until you can squeeze a fistfull of it and a drop of water forms but won't roll off your hand. Perfect moisture.

    Fill your pot with it.

    At the same time tomorrow that you dropped the seed into the water today, move it into the pot of moist soil and place it about 1/4" under the surface.

    Keep the pot in a warm 70-75F area that's lighted. (Don't need to put a light directly over it.)

    You'll see it sprout within the next few days.

    Please read all of the stickies :) You've started a long journey and you've not stocked up on information yet. You're going to have to make frequent stops to fill up.

    Fortunately, the information you gain doesn't go away and you'll still be able to use it all, after you've learned it.

    Keep reading :) :wave:

    (In case you missed it, messing with the pH right now isn't necessary. Keep reading!)
  3. The seeds already have germinated in a paper towel. they need to be planted now. Ive had 2 success grows. But after the 2 they all started to fail. So well there seedlings Ph doesnt mean much?? Ph only comes into effect once they start maturing?
  4. Your soil is just fine for your seedlings right now. Moisten some fresh soil and plant them A.S.A.P. :)

    If the pH had been Waaaay off I would have suggested a new soil. Don't worry about pH until you start to feed them in about 2 weeks or so. :D
  5. This is why I never measure pH. Ignorance is bliss :hello:
  6. lol well I had 2 awsome grows before it was awsome i fell in love with growing after words it was awsome coming home to look at a little jungle :). But then after that my seedlings kept dieing withing the frist week I was able to tell. In the frist week slow growth leafs wouldnt grow as big as they should. So i tired about 4 different times all failed. So this time im not using tap water im using distilled water and i was trying to make the ph correct just to try to make everything important. Being told that ph isnt important until feeding lefted some weight off my shoulders. Thank you :)
  7. One last question, Does humidity or to many cfls lights effect a seedling to the point where it wont grow in die? or is pretty much just over watering or not watering enough kill a seedling. Thanks for the information guys!!
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    I'm a noob myself, but I did more harm to my plants attempting to raise the ph in a short period of time.

    To the OP, you can just plant them in the soil you have, and gradually raise the ph over time.
  10. Keep your humidity below 60%.
    If you have over 70watts per square foot, you are probably giving them too much light.

    Overwatering and soil with too rich of a nutrient mix in it are the two main killers of seedlings.

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